Recently for the sixth time took place a photo exhibition "Sushka of KPI 2016". However this year it was not like as its predecessors. Due to the bad weather conditions for the first time this event was held in Art Space called "Bashnya KPI".

It would seem, there won't be enough space, however it didn't fail a friendly and warm atmosphere of an exhibition at all - everybody who attented the exhibition had a smile on their faces. What's more it wasn't an obstacle for photographers, many talented people brought their works, and many people took their photos with them just as well. Of course there were entertainments and competitions. Visitors had an opportunity to receive various pleasant gifts, and all were satisfied. And what is "Sushka" without warm tea and sweets that warmed each and everyone of our visitors on that rainy day?

Yulia Karakash, organizer of the event

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