Sukhomel Heorhiy Yosypovych

Heorhiy Yosypovych Sukhomel (11.09.1888 - 18.07.1966 ) - Doctor of Engineering Science, professor, member of the Academy of Science of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (elected: 19.05.1951; speciality: hydraulics and hydromechanics).

He was also an honoured worker of science and technology of the USSR (1957) and a head of the Department of Hydraulics from 1935 till 1049.

In 1913 Heorhiy Sukhomel graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1914-1949 he professed in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and at the same time in the Institute of Hydraulics and Hydrotechnics (form 1916). From 1927 he was a research worker and in 1940-1958 he became a principal of the Institute of Hydraulics and Hydrotechnics of the Academy of Science of the USSR.

Heorhiy Sukhomel was a renowned scientist in the field of hydraulics and hydromechanics. He developed a theory of uniform motion of liquid with free surface in open stream flows, deduced from experiments and proved theoretically the existence of two forms of motion in flows of open channel and hydrothechnical buildings. He studied vessel motion along rivers and channels; the results of those studies became the basics for developing the recommendations for safe sailing in open sea lanes. He solved a number of problems of engineering hydraulics.

Heorhiy Sukhomel was a laureate of State Prize of the USSR (1951).

His main scientific works are “About Nonuniform Flow in Open Basins and Buildings on Them” (1938), “Nonuniform Flow in Open Channels and Hydrotechnical Buildings” (1940), and “The Studying of Vessel Motion by Limited Sea Lines” (1956), “The Studying of Hydraulics of Open Channels and Buildings” (1965).

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