Traditionally, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" is considered as a university, where all the intellectual male elite is gathered as it is a place where the best engineers are prepared. So on the eve of Women's Day March 8 we are particularly pleased to welcome the dean of the Faculty of Linguistics, a charming woman among male deans Saienko Natalya Semyonivna.

Natalia Semenivna headed the department of Linguistics in November 2006, just when the problem of teaching foreign languages to the students of engineering faculties became so important due to the European integration process of Ukraine and the reform of higher education according to the Bologna declaration.

The choice of university management and teaching staff of the FL was carefully analyzed, because there are 7 departments at the faculty, a lot of staff, the educational process is sufficiently diversified and needs updating. Under such circumstances, the faculty needed a strong and authoritative leader, organizer and educated specialist. Natalya Semyonovna Saienko had all these qualities.

N. S. Sayenko is a scientist, which deals with the methodology of teaching foreign languages, her numerous publications disclose the modern trends of language education. That is why "KPI" has got new goals, based on the main achievements of European countries in this field. They are reflected in the documents of the Council of Europe: "Bilingual education: the main strategic tasks", "Common European Framework of reference for languages: learning, teaching, assessment ", " European language portfolio "," Bringing language examination in accordance with of the Council, and education requirements to European exams "Typical program of teaching English for professional communication, a program of German language for professional communication and other purposes. It means that the learning of foreign languages ​​should fulfill the social requirement and focus on the labor market, i.e. bridging the gap between labor market needs and the existing level of language graduates of "KPI". In order to prove their competitiveness within European countries, qualified Ukrainian specialists in different fields of science and technology should not only acquire a high degree of professional training, but also have a level of foreign language, which is minimally sufficient to communicate effectively to fulfill their professional and personal communication needs. The faculty is preparing to hold the English student conference "Innovations in Science and Engineering" in March 2007.

The plan of our dean is also to bring the language training of students of linguistic department to the needs of the Polytechnic University to fully meet the teaching staff of highly qualified personnel, able to teach foreign languages of professional (engineering) direction.

Natalia Semenivna carefully preserves the heritage of experienced teachers. She is particularly attentive to the scientific and professional growth of talented youth at the faculty. The idea of "teamwork" is of great importance to her. The ability of each member forms overall success of the team.

A bright personality, a talented scientist, a happy mother of two adult sons, Natalia Semenivna is always friendly, attentive and respectful to all initiatives of everyone. The staff of the Faculty of Linguistics congratulates our dean on the spring holiday and wishes creative inspiration, success and happiness.