How the name of our university changed

Of the 120 years of existence of Kyiv Polytechnic, 100 fell on the turbulent XX century. Due to changes in the political system and the current situation in the country, there have been constant changes in the name of our university.

So, in order.


On granting NTUU “KPI” with the name of Igor Sikorsky

he day before the start of new academic year, according to the order of Minister of Education and Science, Lilia Hrynevych, dated August, 17, 2016 № 922 to grant NTUU "KPI" with the name, our university was named in tribute to the former student , outstanding aircraft designer of XX century Igor Ivanovych Sikorsky. Thus, it's full name from now on is National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute". Certainly, this final decision was preceded by a series of measures envisaged by the current law.

Our university named after Igor Sikorsky!

Наказом Міністра освіти і науки України Лілії Гриневич від 17 серпня 2016 року №992 "Про присвоєння імені Національному технічному університету України "Київський політехнічний інститут" нашому університету присвоєно ім'я його колишнього студента, видатного авіаконструктора ХХ століття І.І.Сікорського.

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