2.6. The University implements vocational and research programs in accordance with the standards of higher education.

2.7. Educational (vocational and research) program of the corresponding specialty and LHE determines:

  • requirements for the level of education of persons who can start training under this program;
  • list of educational components and logical sequence of their study (structural-logical scheme);
  • number of ECTS credits required to implement this program;
  • expected learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies) that the student should master the appropriate degree and qualification.

2.8. Procedures for developing, updating, improving and approving of vocational and research programs at the University are regulated by the Regulations on the development, approval, monitoring and revision of study programs at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

2.9. The Guarantor is responsible for ensuring the quality of the study program.