Pymonenko Mykola Kornilovich / Korneliyovich (09.03.1862, Kyiv - 26.03.1912, Kyiv, is buried in the cemetery Lukyanovsky) - Head of the Department of Descriptive Geometry (1900-1912), academician of the Petersburg Academy of Arts of Painting (1904), member of the Paris International Union of Arts and Letters (1909). In 1881 he graduated from the Kyiv Drawing School. He was a disciple of outstanding Ukrainian artists M.I. Murashko, Y.K.Budkevich, academician J.P. Platonov. By the decision of the Board of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts on December 3, 1881 he was granted the right to teach drawing. In 1882-1884 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He taught at the Kyiv Drawing School (1884-1906) and at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1900-1912).

For merits in development of art in 1891 he was awarded the title of honorary free participant of the Academy of Arts.

He was the outstanding Ukrainian artist genre painter, whose name is linked to the rise of Ukrainian fine art of the second half of XIX century. His works reflected the various aspects of life of the people of Ukraine, Ukrainian charm of nature, images of the workers of the Ukrainian village. He contributed significantly to the creation of a national realistic art painting, creating a number of the leading paintings (pictures) of the daily life of the Ukrainian village. He was an active participant in the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

He was awarded with two small and one large silver medals Petersburg Academy of Arts, the Order of St. Anne II and III degree.

He was an author of 180 paintings, 400 sketches and more than 100 drawings. The main ones are: "Yule divination" (1888), "Wedding in the province of Kyiv" (1891), "Matchmakers" (1892), "Divination" (1893), "Harvest" (1896), "On the River" (1897) "From the forest" (1900), "Plowman", "Wade" (1901), "The linen saleswoman" (1902).

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