Address: Lazurne urban-type settlement, Skadovsky township, Kherson region.

Holiday-makers are staying in 6-storeyed building which is 100 meters off-shore; the rooms are for two or three people. The building is connected with the dining room for 500 seats by a covered way. We offer a variety of cultural activities for guests – movies, concerts, discos. There are fitted playgrounds for volleyball, soccer; necessary sports equipment is provided.

University students are staying in four single stage houses in the rebuilt children's camp buildings. Rooms are designed for four, five or six people. All conveniences are outdoors.
Three meals daily are implemented in the dining room for 500 seats. Distribution is performed by waiters.

During each arrival the cultural activities instructor holds various contests, competitions, wits and humor competitions, the Neptune Days and other cultural recreational activities. Sports instructor holds competitions, different sport contests. There are summer theater and sports facilities on the basis of the Health complex "Mayak"; tennis tables, billiards, TV-set are available to the guests in the dining room.

The main objectives of the Health complex "Mayak"

  1. The preparation of the Health complex "Mayak" to the recreational season.
  2. The provision of its functioning.

Vouchers to the Health complex MayakProcedures for formalizing and distribution of the vouchers to the Health complex "Mayak" for students and post-graduate students

  • The right for recreation and leisure have the students of full-time study: those who are studying at the expense of the state budget by receiving of the voucher get the financial aid for recreation in order to reduce the cost of the voucher due to scholarship fund; those who are studying under the contract with compensation of tuition price can purchase a voucher at full cost.
  • The distribution of vouchers among students at the Faculty/Institute (according to the quotas) occurs at the joint meeting of the Scholarship Committee of the Faculty/Institute and the Labor Union of Students of the Faculty/Institute on the basis of applications from students for provision of vouchers.
  • At the joint meeting of the Scholarship Committee and the Labor Union of Students of the Faculty/Institute the rating-reserve list for the distribution of vouchers among students, post-graduate students is approved, according to which the sale of vouchers is performed. A student can get a voucher once a year.


Panoramas of the Health complex

In the yard of the Health complex «Mayak»

Health complex Mayak

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«Mayak», path to the sea

Health complex Mayak

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 Photo of Mayak made from the paraglider  Rescue station in Mayak Students’ entertainment in the Mayak