Gridnev Vitaly Nikiforovich. Academic activity in the KPI

With the post-war years the life and work of Academician Vitaly Nikiforovich Gridnev a prominent scientist and educator, a talented organizer of science and higher education, is closely associated with the KPI.

By the time he has had extensive experience of research and teaching. Indeed, since the mid-30s he worked in Metallurgical and Physico-Technical Institute in Dnepropetrovsk along with academics V.M. Svechnikov and H.V. Kurdyumov, internationally recognized specialists metallographers.

Remembrance of V.N. Gridnev

On April 7, the opening of the sculptural portrait of the outstanding scientist-metallurgist, researcher, teacher, tireless organizer of science and education, public figure, rector of the Kiev Polytechnic (1952-1955), director of the Institute of Metal Physics named after KPI was held at the