In November - December 2013 the seventeenth round of integrated monitoring of quality specialists’ training was conducted by the Institute of Education Quality Monitoring in NTUU "KPI". Monitoring covered more than 3 thousand fifth-year studying students, 138 majors, 114 departments of "KPI". About 20, 000 works of rectorial residual quality knowledge supervision from 955 basic, professionally oriented and professional disciplines were tested and treated.

The index of training quality for each specialty was determined with the methodology, approved by the Academic Council of the University. During the process of index calculation as an important constituent modern labour market reviews on an integrated training at the university, obtained from summarized research results of large-scale social survey were taken into account. For most majors in the current round was observed a high level of quality residual knowledge from basic disciplines. On the one hand, it appears to be an evidence of departments’ significant work, and on the other – students’ conscientious attitude towards monitoring.

Among the specialties that reached a significant progress, in comparison to the previous round, are the following: "Thermophysics" (TF-31, Heat-and-Power Engineering Department), "Medical Devices and Systems " (LS-31, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering), "Equipment of chemical industries and building material enterprises" (LS-31, Engineering and Chemistry Faculty), "Machinery and packaging technology" (LT-31, Engineering and Chemistry Faculty).

In accordance with the "Procedure for the integrated monitoring as a form of rectorial quality specialists’ training supervision for specialties of NTUU “KPI”" at the Methodological Council meeting will be held reports of departments, which majors took the last 5 places in the seventeenth monitoring round, in order to remove identified drawbacks and implement appropriate measures of improving the training quality.