The Scientific and Technical Library named after G.I. Denysenko

Director: Bruy Oksana M.
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Library address :37, Prospect Beresteiskyi (former Peremohy), Kyiv, 03056.
Tel. / Fax , ( 044) 204-82-75
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The mission of our library is providing of high-quality educational and scientific processes of the University , by meeting the educational, teaching and research needs of all members of the university community by providing a free, easy and convenient access to information , knowledge , ideas and technologies and the skills of information literacy in their users by means of qualitative , modern and innovative services in a comfortable conditions. Library was founded in 1898 under the title “Fundamental Library”. The basis for establishing the Fund was purchasing 556 books and 17 titles of journals and books , received as a gift from people, public and government agencies. Its first director and the librarian in one person was a future academician of UAS Mykola Fedotovych Biljashivsky – a well-known historian, ethnographer and archaeologist. Library serves the students, faculty and staff of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and third-party users from the other research and educational institutions. Maintenance of students of University is based on the student card. For other categories of users (teachers and staff of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and third-party users) a library card is produced. Resources and Services of KPI Library Today Science and Technology Library named after G.I. Denysenko - is the largest technical university library of Ukraine. The library building (approx. 15 000 sq. m.) is located on the main street of campus – Ploshcha Znan` and has 15 reading rooms on 1,500 seats, the hall of informative and reference- bibliographic work , 8 book depositories, 6 delivery desks ( educational, scientific, technical, socio-economic and literature, periodicals ). Printed Collection - nearly 3 million volumes in all areas of knowledge and different types of materials. Foundation of rare and valuable books has about 2000 copies, which are located in the reading room № 2. Student reading room and library from the album Kyrpychov V.L. "Student reading room and library " electronic catalog reflects and reveals the structure and content of traditional funds STL. In an electronic catalog are represented all publications received by the library in 1987 and 75 % of publications in chronological framework 1977-1986. Catalog is available online in the mode «24x7x365» and- it is a tool for fast and high-quality multidimensional search and access to library resources and services. Databases - subscribed electronic resources and open scientific, educational, legislative, and patent information and scientific search engines and services for quality research and teaching ElAKPI - Electronic archive of scientific and educational materials Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute that collects, stores, distributes and provides long-term, steady and reliable access over the Internet to research and educational materials faculty, staff, students and doctoral students of University. Delivery of books printed editions of funds STL is both traditional as well as in automatic mode (software Aleph500). As of April 1, 2013 automated delivery of books is produced in all reading rooms, on -scientific and technical literature, socio -economic and literature and periodicals subscription. Interlibrary Loan - a service that allows library users can order publications that are not in the fund STL, Kyiv with libraries and other cities of Ukraine. Located on the subscription Scientific and Technical Literature ( 6th floor ). Internet access is provided as a computer in the reading rooms of the library, and with your own your devices ( laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) via WiFi ( wireless internet). Advice and training on : information literacy, use of the electronic catalog, search, and subscription information in public databases, concluding bibliography, and more. Sci - Tech Library - Facilities Sci - Tech Library - Facilities

Tours of the STL held for everyone in advance for the following topics: tour of the library, Foucault's Pendulum, Portrait Gallery " Ukrainians in the World", KPI Library Partners In the library of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is situated a Ukrainian-Japanese. Library cooperates with the Goethe Institute, the British Council in Kyiv, the French cultural center of information resources and with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Library maintains close contacts with libraries, publishing and bookselling companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, USA, England, China, Russia, Belarus, Poland and others. The library is a partner of the Ukrainian Library Association and a member of Association "Informatio-Consortium". From 1998 library is a co-founder of Annual International Conference " Libraries and Associations in the changing world: new technologies and new forms of cooperation." Library- is a database of students of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts Culture and Arts College.

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