Associate professor of department of the system planning ESC "IAAS" c.e.s. Anna G. Kyselova is a specialist-innovator. She is legally can be called as a scholar of the XXI century, as evidenced by the victory in the university competition "The young lector-researcher 2014". Anna`s investigation interdisciplinary subjects related to information technology and management of electric power transformers in MicroGrid, thus extending the boundaries of electrical and energy systems and increase their efficiency.

A.G.Kyselova is an alumna of the Kyiv Polytechnic. In 2007 she graduated with distinction the magistracy of department automated design systems (now - Department System Design ESC "IAAS"). Education combined with work in KB Information Systems of NTUU “KPI”. In 2010 - 2011 years she was making research performed in cooperation with the Research and Developer center of Samsung in Ukraine. In 2014 she defended candidate dissertation on specialty "Semiconductor converters of electricity". At present Anna Kyselova is the author of approximately 30 scientific works in national as well as international publications and co-author of the monograph.

Field of research interest of A.G. Kyselova`s is a development of databases context-sensitive systems, semantic web technologies and intelligent systems management of electricity transformers. She has taught the subjects such as "PC and the basics of programming," "Programing and algorithmic languages", "Internet technologies", "Information technologies", "Computer technology" for students FEL and now teaches discipline as "Organization of databases and knowledge "," Project management "and" IT Project Management "for students of ESC" IAAS ". Under her guidance diploma works are executed.

Anna Kyselova is actively involved in international scientific projects NYUU “KPI”. She passed an internship at the University in Oslo (Norway) for 7 Framework Programmes of EU (European Union) and at the University in Jassy (Romania) under the program named ERASMUS MUNDUS, also received a grant of an international organization IEEE for science research related to the development of intelligent systems of control electrochemical devices.

A.G. Kyselova`s Reports on the professional conferences often marked by awards, including for best verbal report at the International Conference named as “Power Electronics and Energy Efficiency“ (Kharkiv, 2012). She also received several grants for participation in conferences and congresses in the international organization IEEE.

In spite of intense science research and considerable Pedagogical workload, young lector-researcher leads an active social and organizational work. Moreover, she is a member organizing committees of several international conferences that in particular conducted in the framework of the project EU MLS 7 Framework Programmes EU and IEEE. Also works in commission of informatization and international cooperation with the staff of trade union "KPI".

Colleagues and students noted Anna`s the sincerity and interest in communicating and solving current affairs, as well as persistence and perseverance at work.