Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management

Dean, Ph.D., Professor Serhiy P. Denysyuk
Address: Room 506, building 22, 115 Borshchagivska street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056.
Telephones: 204-83-08, 204-93-75
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Departments of Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute

Logotype of IEE Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management is the successor of the Faculty of Mining (established in 1946 for reconstruction of the mining industry collapsed during the war) and, partially, of the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation (founded in 1918 as an electrical engineering faculty). Formation of the IEE began in 1997 after the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved "Comprehensive State conservation programs" and became one of the measures of national policy in the field of energy conservation. Departments of the Institute maintain partnerships with many foreign universities: Wismar and Leipzig higher technical schools, Wroclaw and Harbin Polytechnic Institutes, Silesian Technical University, with the universities of the CIS. Today scientists of IEE perform joint international projects on the rights of partnership: the installation and integration of solar batteries into the thermal network, the modernization of heating thanks to the grant of the Government of Denmark, the creation of a network of energy network in Central Asia, the establishment of the association between energy faculties of ten universities in Central Asia, EU countries, Eastern Europe to promote regional cooperation.

Institute trains specialists for electricity, fuel and energy complexes, building urban underground constructions and environmental protection, which are capable to develop, design and operate energy complexes and systems, create modern eco-energy management, working according to the modern energy-saving technologies, underground objects and urban complexes, monitor ecological conditions of industrial enterprises on the basis of wide application of information and computer technologies.

Graduates work as experts on energy efficiency, provide consulting and engineering services, energy auditors and inspectors in the energy sector, managers, leading specialists of structural units of the enterprises and organizations in the electricity energy sector, mining industry, construction and operation of urban underground structures, institutions for environmental monitoring.