The main activities of the Department of Teaching and Educational Activities in 2016 were academic work, scholarship, academic mobility, educational and organizational work, social and cultural-mass work, physical education and sports, development of information space, patriotic education, security in the university.

Educational work

The key element in the Department's work is to monitor progress and analyze student results. During 2016 4 monitorings  and 2 exam sessions were organized and conducted, the results of which were repeatedly discussed at meetings of the Council for educational work. In the spring semester, both monitorings were conducted in accordance with the schedule of the educational process. 44% of all got attestation, didn’t get attestation from three or more disciplines - 20.5%.

As part of the application of new algorithms for determining and analyzing the students' progress during the II attestation of the spring semester, as an experiment, at the Radio Engineering Faculty, the results of the certification were introduced into the electronic campus and imported into the automated system "Dean's Office", which was already implemented in the autumn semester at all faculties.

The summer examination period took place in accordance with the schedule. According to the faculty’s data, the examination period was passed by 17,466 people. 69,1% sat the examinations on time. The distribution of the quality of the passing session by faculties and institutes allows analyzing and taking the necessary measures in order to improve student learning progress.

 The success of students in recent years remains almost unchanged. The majority - 57% get mixed marks, about 30% - get "4" and "5", 7% - are high achievers and about 6% - are "C" students. In the spring semester, due to high sickness rate and other valid reasons, 143 students were provided with an individual schedule of passing exams and 35 people with a refresher course or academic leave.

According to the results of the summer session, 653 students were expelled. In general, during the semester 834 persons were expelled. The dynamics of expulsion shows a slight decrease in the number of expelled comparing to 2015. The largest part of expelled students is the first or second year students. This again emphasizes that school-leavers don't have a solid knowledge of main subjects and have difficulty mastering the programs of higher educational institutions.

The new academic year was outstanding for the KPI - the Kiev Polytechnic was named after Igor Sikorsky. The KPI was congratulated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who visited our university on September 1, 2016, and met with students at the monument to Igor Sikorsky. He said: "I want to congratulate you. You are very fortunate, because Kyiv Polytechnic is, of course, a school that Ukraine is proud of and is well-known all over the world. "

Traditionally, in the beginning of the autumn semester, for the purpose of better adaptation and entry into the educational process of newcomers, the department organizes and conducts for ukrainian and foreign freshmen studying sessions devoted to the peculiarities of the educational process at the university.

At the beginning of the new academic year, the annual review-competition for the best academic group takes place at the university. The winners judging by the study results in 2015/2016 were groups from FEL, IEE, TEF - among the technical directions, and groups from FL and VPI - among the humanities faculties.

The 2016/2017 academic year began with the further introduction of new forms of higher education documents, in particular academic certificates. Together with the department of information provision of educational process, department of informatization, the department for long-term development, the publishing house "Polytechnic", the Publishing and Printing Institute, the Faculty of Linguistics, a new form and a form of the Academic certificate of the European sample has been developed and introduced.

Another innovation was the change in the algorithm of conducting monitoring tests. Thus, according to the "Regulations on semester control and attestation of students", the learning progress are recorded only on the electronic campus and imported into the AC "Dean's Office". This event allowed not only to automate the educational process, but also improved feedback from students.

In addition, the results of the rector's control were for the first time included in the general system of knowledge assessment, which should further motivate students to study. The result of the attestations: 43.5% of those, who got an attestation of all disciplines, 19.2% of those who haven't got an attestation from three disciplines.

Winter examination period was conducted in accordance with the schedule of the educational process. The number of students who passed the winter examinations was 19,016 people, of whom 67.5% sat it on time. Comparing to last years, the figure is slightly lower, but, in general, 96% of students passed semester control.

The success of students at winter examinations remains almost unchanged in recent years. The majority of students - 56.2% - passed examinations with mixed marks, 8% - are high achievers, 29.1% get "4" and "5" and 6.6% - "C" students (see diagram). The results are similar to those that we had after the summer examinations.

In the winter, the level of respiratory infections is usually increased, which significantly increases the number of individual charts given for health reasons. The individual chart was compiled for 163 students. 34 students in the autumn semester received academic leave due to the studying abroad, family circumstances, illness.

According to the results of the winter examination period, 756 people were expelled, in other words 4% of the total number of students who participated in the examinations. Total amount of those, who were expelled during the semester is 1021 persons. The biggest number of expelled - at the 2nd and 5th year of studying. The expulsion trends based on the results of the winter examinations are the same from year to year. This is due to an increase in the requirements for students of the second year and the inability to adapt to the level of study at the KPI students who enter the 5th year from other universities.

The Department carries out systematic monitoring of expulsions during the year. Every student is valuable to us, but we can’t yield to our high demands for studying. During 2015/2016 1912 students were expelled. This is less than the previous academic year, but comparing to the previous three years, the figures tend to increase.

Special attention is needed to the contingent of students, postgraduate students, trainees - foreign citizens. For the beginning of this year, 313 students, 61 students of the preparatory department, 19 postgraduate students from 45 countries studied at the university. Mostly these are citizens from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, China, and Vietnam.

The results of studies of foreign citizens show that the majority - more than 95% of students - fully master the curriculum and educational plans and, in the end, receive high-quality education.

Scholarship support

In 2016, a scholarship in the Igor Sikorsky KPI received 65% of students. There are 12028 people as at the January 1, 2017.

Among them, 11,554 students received regular academic scholarships, 283 students from them were orphans, disabled people, the poor and students with children received social scholarships, and 191 students received personal scholarships.

Among other scholarships there are some of them that should be pointed out:  5 scholarships of the President of Ukraine, 4 scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, one scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 28 students received Rector`s name scholarships.

At the end of 2016, the department, together with other structural units, the student council and the trade union committee, began to work on new scholarship rules, the size of which grew in 2

Academic mobility

Academic mobility is one of the priority areas of work. Over the past year, 196 students have been sent abroad for the purpose of teaching or studying. This is the highest figure for all years. As a result of the fruitful work of the new European Union program "Erasmus +" appeared 45 exchanging programs for students, postgraduates, teachers and university staff.

By July 2018, the possibility of credit mobility will be used by 262 participants. 55% of all projects of credit mobility of the "Erasmus +" program relate to technical sciences, 18% - to natural sciences; 27% - humanitarian and social. The total amount of funding received by participants in the Igor Sikorsky KPI mobility projects as an individual scholarship will be to more than 1 000 000 euros.

Educational and organizational work

The Department, together with the faculties, is actively working on organizing all-Ukrainian scientific Olympiads and attracting students to them. In 2016, the second stage of the All-Ukrainian student Olympiad on the following specialties was held: "Energy Management", "Mechanotronics in Mechanical Engineering", "English Language", "Culturology", "Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering", "Designing of Publishing and Polygraphic Production" , "CAD and computer modeling in mechanical engineering".

In 2016, 235 students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute took part in 67 All-Ukrainian student Olympiads, where 48 students became winners. Kyiv Polytechnic is the leader in the number of winners among technical universities (see table). Such high results are promoted, in particular, by students' scientific sections, there are 25 of them at the university. In 2016 were established such scientific sections: "Systems of automation", "History of mining research", "Novation technologies in ecology", "Electrochemistry" etc.

In July, at our university, the XI Open International Student Olympiad in programming "KPI-OPEN 2016" was held. 99 teams from 53 universities in 10 countries took part in this Olympiad. The total number of participants was the highest for all time - 396 people.

The Department has a Career Development Center that establishes contacts with employer companies and helps students find a decent job. Twice a year the department organizes Job Fairs. Last year the fair was attended by over 9 thousand students  and by almost 90 employers.

The International Forum "Lessons of Chornobyl - for the Nuclear Safety of the World", which was supported by eight volunteer student groups was an outstanding event in the life of The KPI. Within the forum with the help of department of international cooperation an exhibition of creative work of students and teachers "Chornobyl: 30 Years After" was held. The exhibition was the result of seven trips Chernobyl organized by university students and staff during the year 2016.

Social work

An important role in creating favorable conditions for the self-actualization and self-improvement of students is played by the student social service, which together with social workers, conducts a variety of activities, including donation, counseling of psychologists, the program "Control your sugar and pressure", testing for HIV and hepatitis, charity events for collecting clothes for the poor, etc.

In the reporting year, 12235 students were settled in hostels, 3619 of whom settled for the first time. 399 students used their right for the privileges during settlement and residence: ATO participants - 5; children of ATO participants - 111; students registered as internally displaced persons - 216; orphans - 67.

Cultural and mass work

A significant place in university life plays cultural and mass work, which is the responsibility of our department. There is the Center of Students Consolidation under the aegies of the Department, which organizes and conducts various events. It consists of chess section, checkers sections, club of intellectual games, cinema club. Constantly implemented projects: competitions "Miss" and "Mister" of faculties, lectures KPI graduates, songs evenings, guitar playing, and conferences. There is also a school of journalism and a school of fiery arts at the Center of Students Consolidation.

Center of Culture and Arts which hosted more than 150 planned events plays an important role in the formation of student leisure time. 16 collectives of amateur performances function permanently, 6 of which last year confirmed the title of folk. In addition, 12 countries were visited due to concert tour.

Among the cultural events the Day of the freshman should be pointed out, the concert to the birthday of T.G. Shevchenko, exhibitions of students and teachers creativity "Talents KPI", where in 2016 were presented 715 works (153 participants).

"The Queen of the KPI", "Mr. KPI" and other well-known and traditional events for the KPI community are held at the center of art and culture. In 2016 the winners were: in the nomination "Mr. KPI" - a student of FSP Dmytro Matukhno, in the nomination "Queen of the KPI" - a student of the VPI Anna Boyeva.

Physical education and sports

The KPI has sporting traditions and achievements. The University is proud of the winners of international competitions in aerobics, weight-lifting and sports orienteering. A championship that includes 18 kinds of sport has become a traditional thing. More than 2,000 students took part in it.

Basketball, volleyball, sports orienteering teams have become the winners and prize-winners of all-ukrainian and city competitions. Also 28 students became winners and prize-winners of all-ukrainian sports competitions.

Chess sport is considered to be the most intellectual sport and  quite popular at the KPI. We have many successful chess players. Last spring, the autumn and spring Rector's Cup was held. FIOT student Mykhaylo Bilous is the champion of Ukraine in classical chess, also represented Ukraine at the World Championship in India.

Polytechnic students took an active part in the International Bicycle Event "Kyiv Sotka 2016".

Information space

A great attention is given to the development of information space at the university. In 2016, the development of Radio KPI was continued. There were author's programs on air, interviews with representatives of the administration, student and trade union activists, well-known KPI graduates. The Mass Media Center team created a series of stories and reports about the life of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute that were posted on YouTube's official KPI Radio channel.

The weekly newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" is known to many generations of KPI students by its unusual publications. There are materials on the educational process, world-famous teachers and scientists of the Kiev Polytechnic, who created and developed well-known scientific schools in its walls; students and young scientists who have achieved significant success in teaching, research, art and sports.

Together with the Department of International Cooperation, a series of meetings and lectures were held for university students with government officials, ambassadors from friendly countries, representatives of leading companies in the world. This is, in particular, a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, Ambassadors of Poland, India, representative of Boeing company.

Patriotic upbringing

The Department pays considerable attention to the national-patriotic education of the students of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, in particular, instilling them respect for historical memory. Thus, a number of patriotic events were organized, in particular, honoring the memory of the heroes of the Heavenly hundred, a meeting of students with participants of the ATO and the Revolution of Virtue. There were also interviews with them on the KPI Radio.

Military mobilization department

Last year, the Military Mobilization Department carried out measures to implement the Law of Ukraine "On partial mobilization". In 2016, 30 university students were called for regular military service. Now 4 members of the KPI staff are serving for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Department coordinates the work of the Civil Defense Staff of the University. Last year training was conducted on the practical evacuation of IEE students and staff at the hostel №16.

Public Organization for the Public Order Protection  (GF OGP)

The Department coordinates the work of the GF OGP, whose activities are aimed at ensuring law and order in the territory of the university, in educational buildings and dormitories.

Despite the aggravation of the criminal situation in Kyiv, during 2016 the number of offenses on the territory of the university in general was reduced by 7.5%. Particularly noteworthy is the significant - 45% reduction in the number of offenses committed by students KPI, as well as the fact that the students didn't commit any criminal offense.

The IT Department of CCTV worked for the second year of the GF OGP, whose employees provided complete control of the objects of protection, carried out 21 operational police calls to the place of commission of the offense, provided evidence base for 37 offenses, provided protection for public order during the holding of 77 mass activities in the university. According to the results of the GF OGP Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute took the first place in Ukraine among the GF OGP and was rewarded by the City Mayor.

In conclusion, we would like to thank, on behalf of the department, for the fruitful cooperation of the administration, colleagues from other departments and structural subdivisions of the University, as well as the student's assets. We express special gratitude to Deputy Directors of Institutes and Deans of Faculties for educational work.

Only common work will allow us to overcome any obstacles to the prosperity of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and our country as a whole, which will be provided by our educated and qualified graduates. Good luck to all of us on this path!

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