NTUU “KPI” polyclinic

The head of the outpatient department: Shamardak M.V.
Address of corps Street. Academician Yangel, 16/2
Reception contact number: 204-85-62, 204-95-93
Open: Monday to Friday - 8:00-19:00, Saturday - 9:00-15:00, Sunday – closed
Calls in dormitories accepted: Monday to Friday - 8:00-18:00, Saturday - 9:00-15:00

Students polyclinic "KPI" provides medical care to students, graduate students of our university.

The main objectives of the student clinic are:

  • Organization and conduction of all kinds of preventive medical examinations of students with maximum usage of laboratory, radiological, instrumental and other surveys.
  • Providing qualified specialized medical care to students.
  • Organization and conduction of a set of preventive measures among the clinic contingent, which are specialized on prevention and reduction of morbidity, disability, mortality, to reduce the number of anemic holidays, prevention of emotional and physical overload, to create favorable conditions for education, the preservation and consolidation of students health.
  • Organization and conduction of clinical examination assigned to students, including clinical examination of patients.
  • Organization and conduction of complex measures to prevent the emergence and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases among students, including controlled infections.
  • Organization and events on sanitary education of students, promotion of healthy lifestyle, fight addictions (smoking, alcohol and drugs consumption), etc.