Chelomey Volodymyr Mykolayovich

Volodymyr Mykolayovich Chelomey (30.06.1914 Siedlce – 08.12.1984 Dnipropetrovsk), mechanic’s scientist, expert in the field of dynamics stability of complex oscillatory system, a member of AS USSR(since 1962), twice became a Hero of Socialistic work, the winner of Lenninska and State awards, awarded with four ordens, various of medals – he had studied at KPI from 1932 till 1933.

The general scientific work devoted to the structure and dynamics of machinery, vibration theory, dynamic stability of elastic system, servomechanism’s theories. Under his leadership was created the missiles for Navy, Intercontinental ballistic missiles, space systems.

His KB created satellites “Polyot -1, -2” (1963, 1964), that could change their orbits, the research of automatic stations “Proton”(1964-1968) and manned space station “Salyute” – “Salyute -2, -3, -5”. In 1965 created a powerful rocket-carrier “Proton”(UR-500K), which taken into orbits seven station “Salyut”, station “Mir”, and all of it’s modules, interplanetary station “Luna”, “Venera”, “Mars”, “Fobos”, satellite and televisions, spacecraft global navigation system “Glonas”, satellites “Kosmos” etc. Since 1965, it has implemented more than 300 launch of the vehicle, such as “Proton” or is modification. These carriers operates successfully now too.

Student of the aviation faculty of KPI 1932-1933. A graduate of KAI (established on the basis of the aviation faculty of KPI in 1933) 1937.