Results of the first certification of the spring semester 2014/2015 e.y.

The first certification of the spring semester 2014/2015 academic was held from 23 to 29 March 2015. Intermediate control was passed by the students of 1-3 years, and these are 12832 person. In general, the certification was successful. Number of students who are certified in all disciplines is  4833, i.e. 37.7% of the total number of students who participated in the assessment.

The number of students certified in three or more disciplines, is 3456 people, or nearly 27%. The most number of uncertified students is from the 1st year. This once again confirms that it is difficult for freshmen to master level requirements NTUU "KPI". The highest percentage of uncertified on the FE (379 people - 2nd position): 55.5% in the first year, 44% in the second, 35.1% in the third and 45% - in the overall standings. The diagram shows the distribution of students uncertified in three or more disciplines at the faculties and institutions.

The number of students uncertified in all disciplines, is 109 people. This is less than 1% of the total number of students. The largest number of uncertified is on the IME (20), FE (15 people), FPE (15), the highest percentage - in the FPM (4.2%) and FPE (3.2%).

By inf. Department of educational work