And how else to call these amazing birds, a growth of which is more than 2.5 m and weighing up to 1.5 сwt that dance in expectation of the fairing and stretch a long neck to your hand. These are not left and right will meet. The more interesting it seemed a trip to the farm with ostriches, in Yasnohorodka.

Ostriches - flightless birds. They are ecarinate and have weak wing petal, but the "hind legs" - long and strong. They are capable turn of speed up to 60-70 km / h. While doing the steps in 3 m length and abruptly change direction, without reducing speed. They long neck and a small flattened head. Nib is straight, flat, rather soft. The eyes are large - the largest of terrestrial animals (5 cm in diameter, the weight of both eyes is the weight of the brain). On the upper eyelid - thick eyelashes (!).

загорожа із страусамиThe ostriches easily notice the danger from which they flee, because of their growth and  good eyesight. It is known, one stroke of their strong legs, armed with a strong  pounce enough to seriously wound a lion. In the wild ostriches live in the Savannah and semi-deserts.They  feed on plants (grass, seeds, fruits),and  descend the locusts, grasshoppers, snakes and rodents. Ostriches  have not teeth, so they can swallow pebbles  for " improvement of digestion". In captivity  they feed on  3.5 kg of fodder per day.

Ostriches don’t hide head in the sand - it is pure fiction, but the female, who sits on the eggs, in case of danger, respective on the ground the neck and head to become invisible to the surrounding Savannah. Ostriches lay approximately every 2 days.  During the day a female sits on the eggs (her color blends into surroundings), at night male. The shard is so tough that a baby bird breaks its  about an hour.

They are polygamous. As a rule, 3-4 females surround one male . During the mating season a male in order to attract the attention of female , makes ballet solo: down on  knees, rhythmically flapping its wings, throws back its head and rubs the back of his head on his own back.

Farm ostrich farming is a highly profitable branch of farming. It is a new, highly profitable business Almost all meat is used: leather, eggs, fat, feathers and eggsheds.Baby and growing birds are in high demands. Prices of the birds reach 10 thousand UAH.

Meanwhile, a valuable dietary product,being unaware of the deep scientific analysis of its components, was running happily in the sunshine in enclosure, waving fluffy wings,  turning his head from side to side, clapping big eyes, begging for  goodies from the hands of the newly arrived visitors. To treat them better with the palm of your hand. The ostrich’s nib is mild, is analogous to duck, so if he bites with the palm of your hand – it doesn't hurt. Notice, I did not say that is not scared. Scary!Right on! Adrenaline is still the same.

яйце страусаAt first timidly approach the fence. Here immediately moved long-legged and big-eyed fluffy birds. Females - gray and modest. Males are distinguished fluffy jet-black with iridescent plumage and white tips on the wings. And interesting (or arrogant?). Incredible. Flew, shook his tousled head on a thin neck-hose, mowing the huge eyes, the nib is opened, shouted something like, "Well, come on, what have you got there, treat it". Dabbered exactly , crunched  and again looks absolutely hungry glance.

Then look through photos at home, every time there is a feeling of the nib that collects food from your palm. And true wonder of kids who stick with the question: "When again to ostriches?"