Artemyev Nikolai Andreyevich

Artemyev Nikolai Andreyevich (1874-1948) - the first head of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He got his electrical technical education in Technical High school (Berlin). He was invited in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute on the recommendation of the famous Russian scientist M.Ye.Zhukovsky. He headed the Department of electrical engineering in 1901-1911. He read a general course for students of electrical engineering 3rd year of three branches of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and a special course for 4th year mechanical branch. He went with the students of the mechanical department, specializing in electrical engineering to study the electrical installations in Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg, Zurich, Burhdorf and other cities in Germany and Switzerland. In 1902 he created the first at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute of electrical lab and became its head.

In 1909 he published a textbook on electrical engineering. Leading serious scientific work he developed a new way to protect people from high voltages, as reported in Berlin at a meeting of the Union of German Electrical Engineers; relevant article was then published in Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift.The central Kiev power plant and electric grid were built in the base of his projects. In 1911, for political reasons, resigned in protest against the dismissal of the deans of the three branches of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. 1911-1914 - Chief Engineer of the Kharkiv city administration, 1915-1918 - Head of the association of power plants in Petrograd, 1917-1948 - Professor ot Timiryazev Agricultural Academy.

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