Last year was the 75 th year of the Department of Acoustics and acoustoelectronics "KPI". The department was established as part of the Kiev Institute of Cinema in 1936 Throughout the years of its existence the department has always distinguished creative approach to fulfill the tasks and attentive, friendly attitude toward students.

For 75 years, several generations of teachers, many of whom were outstanding personalities, talented scientists, teachers with a capital letter, whose names are gratefully call our graduates were changed.

Of course, the style of work of the department is defined by its leader. Our leaders have always been outstanding, talented scientists, teachers - bright personality.

Lazar Davidovich Rosenberg (1908-1968) - doctor of technical sciences, professor, founder of the department - was born in 1908 in Kiev in the family of teachers. He began his scientific work in 1930 at the Kiev film studio (now - studio of O.P. Dovjenko). In 1938 he organized and led a team of acousticians in the construction of the Palace of Soviets in Moscow, where they were studied and largely solved the problem of high-quality acoustics and sound reinforcement in large halls. In the 1942-1943 L.D.Rozenberg participated in the development of weapons designed to combat acoustic mines, in 1951 he was awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree for the development of the principles of long-distance propagation of sound in the sea. His work in the field of acoustic cavitation (1958-1965) laid the scientific foundation for the development of equipment and technology of ultrasonic cleaning. L.D.Rozenberg has authored more than 200 scientific and technical papers, 15 inventions relating to the application of ultrasonic vibrations in the technic.

Since 1939 the department is headed by Mark I. Karnofsky - doctor of technical sciences, professor, one of the founders of electro-acoustic faculty of KPI. Under his leadership at the department the Kiev school of statistical hydroacoustics was actually created, creative communication of the department with leading research organizations of the USSR was developed.

The staff of the research department (SRB-2) of laboratory of underwater acoustics, headed by prof., Head of the Department of receivers N.P.Vollerner, whose deputy was M.I.Karnovsky, subsequently formed the basis of DB "Storm" at KPI. In the 80-ies last century, as a result of the reorganization of DB "Storm", a significant number of its employees - members of the department went to the Kiev Research Institute Hydrodevices (KRIHD), where they continued to work on the development of new types of naval sonar technology. These researchers and talented graduates of the department were the core of an integrated team of KRIHD, who developed the first Soviet digital sonar system "Star M1" for the Navy of the USSR. Chief designer and graduate of the department Oleg Aleshchenko was awarded the highest distinction of the USSR - the Order of Lenin and development team received the State Prize of the USSR.

Mark I.Karnovsky is remembered by those who knew him as a wonderful man, a scholar, a brilliant lecturer, the patriarch of the scientific school of acousticians Ukraine.

All the life of I. Grankin, who became head of the department in 1981, has also been associated with the KPI. Graduate student of the theoretical foundations of Radio Engineering, Assistant and Senior Lecturer in the same department, assistant professor of design and manufacture of radioequipment ... High teacher qualification, a good knowledge of the English language allowed him to work lecturer and consultant to the Dean of the Faculty of Technical Ain Shams University in Cairo. In addition to teaching, Grankin carried out big research work. He was the author of 150 scientific papers in the field of electrodynamics, the physics of ferrites, microwave technology, microelectronics, as well as some fundamental works in the art of surface acoustic waves. Grankin was a member of the section "Microelectronics" urban management STS REC of Popov, scientific secretary of the editorial board of the journal "Proceedings of the universities. Electronics", a member of the Scientific Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences on ultrasound. In 1973 he created the first microelectronics technology laboratory in the institute, and in 1976 - the first in the USSR Ministry of Higher Education big industry research laboratory acoustoelectronics in Ukraine. During his tenure as head of the department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics the first time in the Soviet Union was launched training of specialists in acoustoelectronics. He paid much attention to the development of acoustoelectronics in Ukraine, in particular, in Kiev "Saturn" at the Cherkassy factory "Impulse" in Lviv Research Institute. Under his leadership, was created a laboratory of transducers based on the technology of surface acoustic waves. Till now on the enterprises of Ukraine qualified experts - students of Grankin, are continuing his business.

Since 1987 the Department of A and AE was headed by prof. Vitaly S. Didkovsky. The main areas of research of V.S.Didkovskogo were acoustic ecology, architecture and physiological acoustics, protection of acoustic information.

During his scientific-pedagogical activity V.S.Didkovsky published more than 350 scientific and methodical works. Personally, he and his co-authors written 16 books, including 5 monographs, 2 textbooks and 9 manuals approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. At the initiative of Vitaly Semenovich and his direct involvement in the department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics in 1990 a new specialty "Medical acoustic and bioacoustic instruments and apparatus" was created, which was the first in the KPI medical specialty, and were created two educational laboratories - medical devices and acoustic noise and vibration.

A significant boost to the diversification of scientific research of the department gave the establishment a research laboratory "Diagnosis" (1989, head of the laboratory V.V.Yankovy, supervisor - prof. V.S.Didkovsky).

The direction of the laboratory "Diagnostics" - research and development of methods to reduce noise and vibration of electrical appliances. By the way, the active work of the laboratory during the global economic crisis in the state contributed to the preservation department staff in a difficult period.

Later research laboratory "Diagnostics" was reorganized into the laboratory of industrial acoustics, which focused on the issue of combating industrial noise, which allowed the department to start research work in the field of acoustic ecology.

At the initiative of V.S.Didkovsky and under his leadership, scientific-methodical commission on acoustic technic Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine was founded, new curricula and programs at the bachelor degree program "Acoustotechnic." were developed.

With the direct participation V.S.Didkovsky Department for Audio, Video and Cinema National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" was opened(now - Dept. of multimedia technologies).

At the time when V.S.Didkovsky was a head of the Department, an active scientific training through graduate school was started on it. With his direct participation and under the supervision were prepared more than 10 Candidates of Science and 4 Doctors of Engineering.

He is a member of the editorial boards of two journals and two specialized Councils on thesis defense.

Reflecting on the traversed path, remembering the many who are no longer around, and those who, as always, working tirelessly, it is impossible to single out any one of the creative team of the department. We can proudly say that an outstanding way was passed, we have something to remember, there is someone to say thank for what we are.

Low bow our heads in memory of our teachers and their colleagues - O.S.Bilous, V.M.Volf, V.B.Galanenko, N.G.Gatkin, V.O.Geranin, V.S.Gorbenko , I.L. Oboznenko, L.Ya.Taradanov, B.I.Shotsky, V.I.Yakub and many others.

This is to their credit that now the Department of Acoustics and acoustoelectronics is unique, the only one in Ukraine, one of the leading departments of NTUU"KPI". The department has 6 doctors, professors, 9 PhD with an average of 300-400 students per year.

From the ranks of the Department of pupils went: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), director of the Pacific Oceanological Institute of V.I.Illichova Far Eastern Branch of RAS V.A.Akulich, Minister engineering and conversion of Ukraine V.Petrov, directors and managers of large enterprises and organizations: Director KRIHD Yu.V.Burau, chairman of the board of directors of the corporation "ISA" People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 3rd convocation O.A.Andreychev, director of the state enterprise "Telecom Pnevmatik" V.L.Zhenzhera, CTO of ICTV MKRTRK G.O.Staritsky, director of "Fontek-S" I.V.Senchenko , professor of audio engineering and recording NTUU"KPI" V.V.Pilinsky, head of the coordination of research in higher education institutions MES V.O.Svizhenko, CEO of the Center for hearing Rehabilitation "Aurora" O.I.Radchenko, Professor, Senior Researcher, Institute of Mathematical Machines and systems NAS I.I.Gorban, deputy chairman of the Security Service, Lieutenant-General A.P.Gerasimov, Captain 1st rank M.S.Gudz, Professor Department of Information Technologies of the Kiev branch of the Odessa Academy of Telecommunications of Popov O.V.Bushma and many others.

Only in the last 20 years in the department published 15 textbooks and manuals approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, 10 monographs; particular should be mentioned a series of scientific and technical publications "Library Acoustics" which was started by V.S.Didkovsky in 1995, which have already been published 14 books. In 2010, the series was supplemented by subsection "Electronic Publishing", which issued 5 manuals.

Since 1996, scientists of the department prof., Ph.D. V.S.Didkovsky, Assoc. B.I.Shotsky, V.B.Galanenko, M.A.Mironov started active work on the study of acoustic characteristics of different rooms, later joined by lecturers S.A.Lunova V.G.Berkuta. In recent years, a team of scientists, led by prof., Ph.D. V.S.Didkovsky, made more than forty projects acoustic articulation halls of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court, the Presidential Secretariat, the meeting room of the KSCA, the auditorium of the Kiev Theatre of Russian Drama and Comedy. Lesya Ukrainian, and other important facilities complex architectural forms.

Since 2008, on the initiative of Assoc. S.O.Kozeruka and supported by LLC "Gemobud" (Director G.D.Kanibolotsky) work on the creation of the laboratory acoustic measurements of the physical characteristics of building materials and structures was started .

The main activities of the laboratory are:

• The development of new and improvement of the well-known methods of acoustic non-destructive testing of materials and structures;

• development and implementation in the operation of modern information systems for the study of sound insulation and sound absorption.

To summarize, let's note the main. It would be a mistake to assume that the development of acoustics in Ukraine is connected only with the Department of Acoustics NTUU"KPI". Moreover, the above-described problems, the solution of which is directly related to the participation of the faculty and staff of the department, are just a small part of what was already attained a variety of other organizations in this regard. Among them, as already noted, occupies a special place KRIHD, with which the Department continues to cooperate actively (students perform laboratory work, course and diploma projects on the subject of the enterprise), and through the direct involvement of teachers in the Department in the various departments of the organization. Department has close contacts with companies working in the field of medical acoustics. This, above all, "Vabos" - research and production company specializing in the design and manufacture of hearing aids, which are headed by graduates of the prof., Ph.D. V.P.Ovsyanik and Ph.D. B.S.Moroz.

In the same direction Hearing Rehabilitation Center "Aurora" works, whose Director General is a graduate of the department Ph.D. O.I.Radchenko. More than 10 years there, LLC "Fontek-C", which is led by graduates of the Ph.D. I.V.Senchenko and I.Ya.Cherednichenko. The company develops audio and sound and light equipment and early warning systems for emergencies.

In the area of training in ultrasonic testing and diagnostic, department cooperates with "Ultracon-service" (Ph.D. Director G.G.Lutsenko). Several years, the company provides its classrooms for laboratory work and externship students. Many graduates of the department are working on it (D.V.Galanenko, O.V.Svistun, V.V.Mischenko, A.V.Opanasenko and others).

Recently assistance of undergraduate training in the field of acoustic metrology is given by department of measurement of vibro-acoustic quantities (Head A.P.Ivaschenko) SE "Ukrmetrteststandard" where on a modern technical base, students gain hands-on experience with medical diagnostic systems, non-destructive testing, acoustic gauges noise and vibration. Topics of diploma projects are selected based on the needs of the enterprise. This ensures the connection between education and industry.

Good scientific and professional relationships developed with the Institute of constructions, where graduates of the Department of M.A.Trohimenko, head of the laboratory acoustic measurement and Ph.D. V.P.Gluhivsky, head of the laboratory of nondestructive testing of materials and structures are working. As a result of cooperation regulations in the field of acoustic tests were prepared and enacted (last work - DSTU B V.2.7-184: 2009 Building Materials. Soundproof and absorbing materials. Test Methods)

Many scientific and applied research in the field of non-destructive testing has been created in collaboration with Department №57 Institute of Problems of Materials Science, whose leader, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yu.G.Bezimyanny and Senior Fellow A.M.Kolesnikov are alumni who have long worked as teachers at the department.

The department pays special attention to the training of highly qualified teachers. By 2006-2011. 9 theses have been defended (5 and 4 doctoral candidate). PhD thesis defended: I.O.Morgun graduate of the department, faculty of the Department: N.V.Bogdanova, V.S.Beregun, I.V.Kandrachuk, O.V.Bogdanov. Doctorates were: O.M.Petrischev, S.A.Nayda, O.V.Korzhik.

Fruitful educational-methodical and scientific research work of the staff of the department awarded by the state. In 1998 the head of the department prof., Ph.D. V.S.Didkovskomu was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine", and in 2004 he received the letter of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2009 Professor V.S.Didkovsky and O.G.Leyko were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

Thus, the Department has made significant efforts to ensure that in our difficult time to maintain the traditionally high level of training acousticians, as well as contribute to the development of various areas of theoretical and applied acoustics.

Закінчуючи короткий нарис про нашу кафедру, скажемо: нам у житті поталанило, тому що ми – акустики!

In concluding this brief sketch of our department, we say we are lucky in life, because we - the acoustics!

MV Rodionova, Associate Professor of A and AE department, 2011