Educational TV studio: Flashback

About 20-30 years ago, KPI students were studying not only Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical mechanics or “Machines details”. Many class hours in schedules were devoted to such subjects as “The History of CPSU”, “Political Economy of Capitalism”, “Political Economy of Socialism”, and “Scientific Communism”.

During classes, they were watching the films aimed at persuading the viewers in Communist Party of the Soviet Union conducting right policy, solely based on scientific foundation and intended to build communism, whose victory is imminent. The range of the films, preserved in technical universities and colleges, is present in network movie library. Among them – “Social Processes Management under Socialism”, “Political System of Socialistic Society”, “Public Consumption Funds”, “The Subject of Political Economy”, “Socialistic Society”, “Economic Policy of the Party”, “The Party in the Context of Developed Socialism: XXV Communist Party Congress”. There is also a movie “The Soviet Union” with English translation.

The movies provide insight not so much into those times as into the way the national authority and the Party wanted to present the situation in the country, into the ideas it tried to spread among the students. The movies may be useful to those who study our recent history; they give the idea of that-time propaganda methods.

The movies are based on the movie library of Teaching Aid Office of NTUU “KPI”.