Sonorous signing founder’s agreement of juridical formation of corporation "Science Park "Kyiv Politechnic" took place in NTUU "KPI" May 15. Sovereign enterprise of Investment "National Centre of implementation branch-wise investments" and KPI University beetled as a founders of this corporation. Agreeably, A.A. Zatsepin, Soverign Investment spokesperson and M.Z. Zgyrovskiy, University principal, signed documents.

The Ceremony honored with presence of Vice- Prime Minister of Ukraine D.V.Tabachnyk. Education and Science Minister of Ukraine S.M.Nikolaenko, the leader of the National Commettee of Investment and Innovations V.A.Ivchenko. Executive Council of Ukraine O.O.Zinchenko, spokespersons from Regional Sovereign Administration, heads of entertainments, scientists and educationalists.

The creation of first in Ukraine Scientific Park was called the event of federal importance by D.V.Tabachnyk. He expressed his expectations that the activity new innovational structure of releasing the advanced technology products and introduction it into the market without reimbursement help of sovereign will break through national economics and will be on the same lvel as foreign analouges.

In the answer, M.Z.Zgurovskiy remarked that NTUU KPI appreciates the government's trust concerning to complementation the pilot project of creating and activating the Scientific Park on the basis of University. He is sure that matured here a positive experience will spread all over Ukraine. "It is pleasant, - he said-, that there are regions involving to this project: Vinnitsa region - in the branch of energy conservation methods, Lviv region - in high-tech machinery, Kyiv region - in strategic development ".

In addition, he repeatedly outlined distinctions between the goals and tasks of National Parks and Techno parks, which exists in Ukraine more than one year. Techno parks implement national wide projects, which are chosen by Cabinet Ministry and give them some promotions. At the same time, mass innovative activity remained without legislative support. Exactly the innovative activity is capable to provide the high profitability of interaction partner organizations, which allows them to work without facilities. Nowadays 18 native and international companies are the partners of scientific park "Kyiv Politechnic" (KP). To sum up M.Z.Zgurovskiy urged the audience to avoid the mistakes and to reach the success.

The chairperson from regional sovereign administration O.G.Dombrovskiy informed the audience about investment strategy of development the region. At last year end region hit the top 3 of the most dynamic Ukrainian regions. He outlined the opportunities that can be used within SP, particularly like modernization international travel corridors (this four nationwide importance is intersected on the territory of region). There was also interesting information about allocation of space for creating the Techno Park and building the scientific town. Narrator said that SP should be a system integrator of scientific potential.

S.M.Nikolaenko called SP the step to the future live science, which serves people. In addition, he said about the ministry developments of regulatory support of research universities and innovation centers.

V.I.Ivchenko, head of sovereign agency of investment, pointed out doubtful numbers: the worldwide Ukrainian output of advanced technology products is only 0,1% (Russian is 0,3%). Therefore, the strategic course of sovereign politics is an innovation-investment model of Ukraine development. He is sure that SP is the national importance project and its realization should provide the continuity of chain from the birth of scientific idea to the creating the innovation products and output it to the international market.

From academic community academician NAN of Ukraine Y.S.Yatskiv complimented the contact signature. He wished SP successful activity.

The audience also looked up the exposition, where were shown the product samples, that were made by partner companies of scientific park.

Summing up, D.V. Tabachnick reminded that the road is mastered the one who walks. Scientific Park "Kyiv Politechnic" already made its first step.

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