6 of June, Prof. Hartman Libertrud was awarded by the diploma of famous Doctor PPI of "KPI" in the conference hall of Academic Council.

In this crowded room were a lot of students, faculty members of teaching staff and members of the Academic Council of PPI. Also the meeting was visited by rector of Ukrainian Printing Academy (which situated in the city Lviv) B.V.Durnyak and director of International Relationship management of our university, prof. B.A.Tsyhanok. Director of PPI, prof. P.O.Kyrychok opened the meeting of the Academic Council of PPI of "KPI". He noticed that entertaining such an important guest, professor of united higher educational institution - the University of Wuppertal (Germany), head of the "International Print and Media Universities sphere ", Hartman Libertrud - a great pleasure for the faculty of PPI.

Hartman Libertrud graduated from the University of Saarbrucken. He worked as a business director at the paper manufacturing company in Nuremberg, as a director of strategic development of the printing and publishing activity in Essen. He is a professor of media economics, a specialist in business and finance activity. From 1989 to 1991 served as an assistant of a dean of design, polygraphy and printing Faculty, and was the dean of this faculty from 1995 to 1999. Since 1992, he was the program coordinator of inter-university cooperation. Since 1994 he was the head of the "International Media and Polygraphy Universities Sphere", which was set up in Switzerland in 1957. Professor Libertrud lectured at universities in Stuttgart and Wuppertal, provided training of specialists, which were organized by “Printpromotion” and the University of Heidelberg, took part in organizing it and was the head of conferences which were held by " International Media and Polygraphy Universities Sphere".

Prof. Libertrudu was awarded the title of famous Doctor of the Moscow National Printing University, the professor of Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry for good work of training specialists, for academic achievements and active international activity.

The current visit of Professor Hartman Libertrud to Publishing and Printing Institute of "KPI" is the logical situation of succeeding cooperation between institutions which recently develops successfully. In this cooperation an important exchange of experience among teachers is held.

Prof. Hartman Libertrudu awarded by the degree of famous Doctor of Publishing and Printing Institute of "KPI" for significant and hard work of training highly qualified specialists for the publishing and printing industry and consolidation the relationships between universities from all over the world.

After the official rewarding ceremony of famous Doctor of PPI Diploma, mantle and medals, Mr Libertrud delivered a welcoming speech to the audience. He was grateful for such a warm hearty welcome and was glad to better know our university. Hartman Libertrud discussed the current state of printing education in the world and noted that PPI of "KPI" plays an important role in training highly qualified staff for this industry. He also stressed the need of Bolonga process for the sake of a unified and expanding scientific and educational Europe space.

After the speech of Professor Libertrud, director of PPI, prof. P.O.Kyrychok in order to remember this event gave him an etching depicting the first building KPI.

Awarding the diploma of famous Doctor of PPI of "KPI" to Prof. Hartman Libertrudu is an important event in the life of PPI, which indicates important cooperation between educational institutions of Ukraine and Germany in the printing sphere and development of PPI authority of "KPI".

Author: Maya Zahovaiko

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