Dear polytechnics! The time of summer vacations and holidays is approaching. While staying in different regions of Ukraine, we must be vigilant and cautious, because the open large-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation continues.

The intensity of massive missile and air strikes on residential buildings and civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine has increased.

Do not neglect the "Air Alert" signals, check the location of the nearest shelter. The danger to life and health is posed not only by strikes with munitions, but also by the debris of attacked targets destroyed by our air defense forces.

While retreating, the enemy mined the area. Please refrain from visiting dangerous places.

If you find any suspicious objects, surviving ammunition, or mines, immediately notify the State Emergency Service and the National Police.

Do not leave children unattended and explain to them the deadly danger of such objects and ammunition.
Be careful and cautious.

Take care of the safety of your family and friends.

University Civil Defense Headquarters

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