"Kyiv Polytechnic" continues to publish the materials of the vice-rectors' reports on the work of their subordinate structures. Next in line is a shortened version of the report of Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs V. Kondratiuk "Organization and Support of the University's Life", which he presented at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University on January 15. The report presents the main results of the activities of the Civil Protection Department, Security, Economic Affairs, Property and Social Affairs Departments in 2023 and outlines the main tasks for 2024.

В.А.КондратюкThe property complex of the University includes 32 academic buildings, 21 dormitories, the Center for Culture and Arts, the Scientific and Technical Library, outbuildings, 6 residential buildings and 4 recreation centers.

Civilian protection

Systematic rocket attacks on our country and Kyiv continue. Therefore, the task of creating safe conditions for higher education students and university staff to study and work is of utmost importance. 

Over the past year, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) and the National Police equipped and certified simple shelters in the basements of 17 academic buildings, 14 campus dormitories and 3 civil defense structures. In addition, 2882 places in shelters were certified, so as of January 15, the total number of shelters is 8200, which is 35% more than last year. 

In order to find opportunities to increase the area of shelters, the university commission with the participation of representatives of the State Emergency Service conducted a thorough inspection of the basements of the campus buildings and dormitories. Based on its results, a plan for the arrangement of shelters for 2024 was prepared. It provides for the creation of an additional 2,500 places, subject to the repair and reconstruction of some premises. Thus, in 2024, it is planned to increase the number of places in shelters to 10,500. 

The websites of the university and its structural subdivisions have maps of 17 simple shelters in academic buildings, 14 on campus (including newly created ones) and 3 civil defense structures on the territory of the university. 

Protective structures and simple shelters are equipped with the necessary property, inventory, tools and materials to ensure safe conditions for students and university staff.

Each shelter has an Internet connection and a wired telephone connection. All shelters are equipped with backup power sources (7.5 kW generators) and heat guns.

Moreover, the Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library has completed the equipment of a unique shelter for 500 people with external investments. The Smartshelter is divided into several areas: a large open space for studying and lectures, a reading sector, a room for video calls, a cafeteria, a play area, and inclusive restrooms. In peacetime, these areas can be used as a modern innovative platform for the educational process, and in wartime, as a shelter.

In total, during the year, shelters were equipped in the 4th and 8th academic buildings, in the CMC, and in the 4th campus dormitory.

During the year, our university, with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Ukraine, received 2 industrial diesel generators with a maximum capacity of 138 and 94 kVA from Danish Rotarians. The generators can be used in the Points of Unbreakability, shelters and other critical infrastructure facilities of the university to ensure uninterrupted operation during possible blackouts. 

To ensure the university's activities in the event of possible blackouts, 21 Unbreakable Points have been equipped: 10 on campus; 11 in academic buildings.

To alert the participants of the educational process, the university has two C-40 sirens (academic building No. 1 and the campus) and a local warning network "Radio-KPI" on Polytechnic Street and on Znannia Square.

In 2024, it is planned to carry out repair works in the basements of academic buildings No. 9, 16, 17, 20 and dormitories No. 9, 17, 21, which will allow to create up to 2500 additional beds.

Security Department

In connection with the full-scale invasion of Russia into the territory of our country, we have been constantly providing assistance and support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The University constantly helps military personnel from among the university staff and students who are currently defending Ukraine, according to their applications and requests. This can be achieved only with the support of the staff and thanks to the transfer of funds by employees to the Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which has raised more than UAH 3.2 million over the past year. Today, the Fund's account receives funds from the salaries of 900 university employees on a regular basis. That is, we still have significant reserves in increasing the amount of income. Of course, such measures are voluntary, but we have to remember those who make it possible for us to live and work. 

Employees of the Security Department performed a number of important tasks: organizing round-the-clock access to the simplest shelters during the air raid; organizing a tightened access regime to the university's academic buildings; and enhanced control of the territory adjacent to the security facilities. Basements and attics were inspected on a regular basis. 

Joint patrols of the university territory with police officers were systematically carried out. We processed 727 appeals from citizens regarding suspicious persons, objects or violations of public order. The law enforcement officers were provided with comprehensive assistance, both physical and informational, and measures were taken using video surveillance systems to prevent curfew violations. By the way, last year, 12 new video surveillance cameras were installed on the territory of the university. In total, we now have 215 cameras working around the clock. In order to monitor the situation around the buildings by the security department's officers, video surveillance systems were installed at 3 stationary posts, which significantly increased the efficiency of duty and prevention of illegal actions.

U-PROX and Ajax server equipment with remote monitoring capabilities was installed to upgrade the security alarm system to modern technologies that meet the latest standards.

During 2023, 10 garages were dismantled and cleaned on the territory of the campus, the owners of which did not have permits for their installation.

To actively counteract criminal manifestations in cyberspace, joint comprehensive measures were taken on an ongoing basis with representatives of the cyber police and the Security Service of Ukraine to prevent cyber attacks on university servers and information resources. 

Department of economic work

Repair and restoration works

In 2023, the total amount of funds used for repair and restoration works at the university facilities by all methods of execution amounted to UAH 28.5 million, which is 61% more than in 2022.

Repair work was distributed among the executive units as follows: 

a) by third-party contractors - in the amount of UAH 5.6 million

b) by the campus in-house - UAH 2.5 million

c) by the divisions - UAH 6.1 million;

d) by the Production and Maintenance Plant (PMP) - UAH 14.3 million (46.35% more than last year). 

The PCC has fully completed the repair and restoration of the historic Big Physical and Big Chemical auditoriums.

Equipment was purchased and a number of repairs were made to the pump room complex to provide the university with technical water in the event of a complete blackout. In 2024, it is planned to carry out a series of works to install a purification system to obtain drinking water from this complex.

Improvement of the university

Much attention was paid to the landscaping and greening of the territory during the year.

Two new sculptural art objects were installed on the campus: the composition "Youth" dedicated to students of all generations and the composition "First conquerors of the sky", which represents the aviation designers who studied and worked at Kyiv Polytechnic.

Works on the improvement of the territory along Borshchahivska Street continued. The landscaping of the "Park of the Unconquered" included the completion of pedestrian paths, installation of lighting systems, installation of benches and planting of greenery in 3 stages: at the 1st stage, an alley of 10 sakura trees was laid by students, teachers and representatives of Boeing Ukraine; at the 2nd stage, about 50 bird cherry, birch, maple and spruce seedlings were planted; at the 3rd stage, a central alley of 73 sakura trees was created. 

This is the 2nd year in a row that the "Park of the Unconquered" has been landscaped. During this time, more than 600 saplings of various tree species have been planted, which will become the green lungs of the university from the side of Borshchahivska Street.

The implementation of the parks greening and renovation program continues. Based on the surveys conducted by representatives of Kyivzelenbud and the certificates issued by them, diseased and dangerous trees were removed in the park along Beresteysky Avenue. In their place, 52 oak trees were planted by the university alumni.

The university carried out repair and restoration works to clean the facades of the 1st and 4th academic buildings. The facade of the 35th academic building and the fence were also repaired.

This year, it is planned to carry out landscaping between academic buildings #7 and #16, continue the implementation of the project to improve the territory of the "Park of the Unconquered", and restore the road surface on the campus.

It should be noted that all economic work was carried out in close cooperation with the University Development Council, which discussed and approved improvement projects and made decisions on their financing. 

Maintenance of the material base of the KPI campus in 2023

The campus is a complex social organism with 21 student dormitories. 

The main component of the Campus' revenues is the share of payment for accommodation services by students, which amounts to UAH 65 million. And the main component of its total expenses is the cost of utilities, which is more than UAH 48 million. 

The distribution of repair and restoration works on the campus is as follows:

- WEC - 22%;

- Repair and construction section of the campus maintenance service - 50%;

- third-party organizations - 28%.

The main efforts are aimed at improving the living conditions of students: cosmetic and major repairs of rooms in dormitories #4, 16, 14, 20, 12, 3; repair of the gym of the 7th dormitory; installation of barriers near dormitories #3, 11, 22; installation of gutters near dormitory #10; repair of the porch of dormitory #10, etc. 

Expenses for utilities.

Energy consumption of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2021-2023

Utility costs last year amounted to 6.5% of the university's budget. 

Last year, some tariffs changed. For heat energy for academic buildings, they increased by 23%, while for dormitories they remained unchanged. Electricity for academic buildings increased by 19.6%, and for dormitories - by 36.36%. 

The price of cold water for both buildings and dormitories has not changed.

The total cost of energy resources consumed last year amounted to UAH 139.38 million, which is UAH 25 million (or 22%) more than in 2022.

Thus, last year the university consumed

- heat energy - in the amount of UAH 76 million 

- Electricity - in the amount of UAH 49 million;

- cold water - in the amount of UAH 14.5 million; 

- natural gas - in the amount of UAH 271 thousand. 

Thus, last year, compared to 2022, the university saw a 22.5% increase in heat energy consumption, a 1.4% decrease in electricity consumption, a 5.1% increase in cold water consumption, and a 60% decrease in natural gas consumption.

Electricity consumption

The cost of paying for the consumed electricity amounted to 34.3% of the total utility costs. Electricity consumption in academic buildings increased by 3.25% and decreased by 17.4% in the campus. This is due to the increase in the number of employees and students in the academic buildings due to the introduction of a mixed form of education and the economical use of electricity on the Campus.

Water consumption

The cost of paying for the consumed cold water amounted to 10.4% of the total utility costs. The Campus reduced cold water consumption by 1.87%, but in the academic buildings it increased by 31.63%. The increase is due to the increase in the number of employees in the academic buildings and the resumption of the laboratory and research facilities.

Heat consumption

The cost of paying for the consumed heat energy in 2023 amounted to 54.1% of the total utility costs. 

Last year, heat consumption in academic buildings increased by 13.81% and in dormitories by 38.47%. This was due to the supply of heat carrier with overestimated parameters, which, on the other hand, allows to reduce the use of heaters in educational buildings and thus unload the power system.

Energy saving

The main focus of energy saving was on replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones and developing and implementing low-cost energy efficiency measures. A total of UAH 3.2 million was spent on energy saving measures last year.

We continued to install metal-plastic windows and entrance doors. In academic buildings and dormitories, they were replaced for UAH 3.2 million, with a total area of 665 square meters.

It should be noted that this year we plan to resume the work of the metal-plastic structures manufacturing site, which will further increase the volume of replacing old windows with new and energy-efficient ones. This will ultimately save money on the university's heat consumption.

To ensure the stable operation of the university's heating networks, the specialists of the Chief Mechanic Department carried out timely inspections of the ITP equipment. Additionally, their work was optimized to reduce the consumption of heat carrier, which will save 5-10% of the total costs.

In the reporting period, an inventory of lighting equipment was carried out to prepare data for the exchange of incandescent lamps for LED ones. In addition, in order to optimize the use of energy resources, the university audited academic buildings for efficient use of energy resources.

In 2023, new frequency-controlled pumps will be installed at the Polytechnic, which will save up to UAH 600 thousand per year.

To ensure correct metering of the consumed cold water and to replace obsolete meters that have expired, 20 water meters with remote reading were purchased and installed in-house.

The Energy Management Service has done an important job of selecting and purchasing a generator with automatic backup to provide a backup power source for the heating system of the 22nd elementary building in case of stabilization power outages. In this way, we managed to combine the autonomous heating system of this building with the municipal heating system during power outages and blackouts. 

We also calculated the cost estimate for the maintenance of shared electrical networks. Based on the results of the calculation, KPI was reimbursed UAH 1.2 million from DTEK.

During the year, all the cold water metering units of the academic buildings were connected to the remote monitoring system. This allows not only to monitor and record energy consumption by university facilities online, but also to identify the root causes of cost overruns in a timely manner and creates an opportunity to promptly address them and minimize the cost of water supply services. 

In connection with the unlawful increase in electricity prices by suppliers, EMS, together with the State Energy Fund and the Legal Department, protected the interests of the university and saved UAH 1.7 million in August-September 2023 and UAH 1.2 million in October-December 2022.

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan for 2024 envisages the search for alternative energy sources to support the educational process at the university, thermal modernization of buildings, remote energy monitoring, and modernization of the electrical and heating facilities.

Fire safety

Much attention is paid to fire safety on the territory and facilities of the university: regular briefings are held, and relevant instructions and memos have been developed and distributed to university employees. The performance of automatic fire alarm systems is checked on a quarterly basis. Special attention is paid to student dormitories.

In 2023, UAH 1.6 million was spent on fire protection measures. At the same time, fire hydrants were inspected and tested; maintenance services for the fire alarm system in academic buildings and dormitories were ordered; design documentation for the fire automation of buildings 17 and 28 was ordered; fire extinguishers were maintained; fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment were purchased; fire safety training was conducted with the use of special equipment.

Environmental safety

During the year, the Environmental Control Department carried out annual mandatory control of stationary sources of pollutant emissions into the air and control of the concentration of pollutants on the border of the University's sanitary protection zone; organized the recycling of 4 tons of chemicals and the collection of 24 thousand used mercury-containing lamps for further disposal; organized, together with the Kyivzelenbud, the natural restoration of an oak tree over 250 years old.

This year, in compliance with the Law of Ukraine "On Waste", the university plans to resume the waste sorting program. It is planned to organize a separate collection of plastic, glass, and paper. This project is attractive from an economic point of view, as it will reduce the cost of garbage collection, and is very important for keeping our environment clean.

Motor transportation company

The motor transport department operates on an economic calculation basis. In 2023, its expenses increased by 32.1%, while revenues increased by 30.29%.

In 2023, 2 vehicles were repaired at the motor transport department.

The university purchased 2 units of special equipment - a truck lift and a garbage truck - to ensure that a number of works are performed on its own.

In total, almost UAH 1.12 million was received from third-party legal entities and individuals for the provision of paid car services. This indicates a positive trend in the company's operations.

The rolling stock of the motor transport department should continue to be updated, primarily special equipment such as a loading/unloading manipulator and special equipment for snow removal and cleaning of pedestrian paths. 

Department of Property and Social Affairs

The work of the Department of Property and Social Affairs is extremely important for the university.

Student Catering Center

The canteens were opened in buildings 1, 24, 27, 31 and catering services were organized for students and university staff. Throughout the year, catering services were provided to the IHSSI cadets on a daily basis. 

Department of organizational work

Due to the war, the recreation season in 2023 was canceled. During the year, the Department of Organizational Work worked to preserve the infrastructure of the recreation centers and took care of maintaining the proper condition of their buildings and the surrounding area. Energy efficiency measures were taken, and energy-saving lamps and fixtures were installed.

Procurement Department

The team of the Procurement Department worked hard to organize the smooth operation of the university and ensure the vital activity of all its units. It conducted 1061 procurement procedures, concluded 960 agreements, analyzed and verified 397 price monitoring reports with confirmation of the information contained in them. The "offer to bid" ratio was 2.37, which is 27% higher than the average in Ukraine.

Department of material and technical supply

An important role in the implementation of planned procurement by university departments is played by the Logistics Department. It coordinates the supply of goods and services to university-wide departments, namely: informs about the supply of goods, available balances, redistribution, controls the receipt and payment of goods. During the year, the department processed more than 850 applications.

Space Utilization Control Department

Systematic work was carried out to monitor the efficient use of space at the university. The area of educational buildings is 352,737.5 square meters, of which 168,106 square meters are allocated for educational activities and 5,536 square meters for research. During the reporting period, the university leased 3,701 square meters, for which the university received UAH 3.02 million last year.

Approval of the lease of premises is made collectively by the university's lease commission and then sent to the State Property Fund of Ukraine for decision-making.

Social and Household Department

The Department of Social Work keeps records of the victims of the Chornobyl accident. There are 49 such people at the university.

Preventive medical examination of employees working in hazardous conditions was organized. 155 employees passed it.

Center for Physical Education and Sports

In this difficult time for Ukraine, the Center for Physical Education and Sports "Polytechnic" continues to work. With the introduction of the mixed form of education at the beginning of the year, the number of students who expressed a desire to go in for sports has increased dramatically.

 The Center has formed 13 sports and recreation sections attended by about 500 students, as well as teams in 10 sports.

During the reporting period, 6 tournaments and championships of higher education institutions of Kyiv and 5 championships of Ukraine were held here with the participation of KPI teams. Kyiv and 5 championships of Ukraine; 1 Cup of Ukraine; 5 city-level competitions and 2 international competitions. 

On the basis of the Center, 4 charity football tournaments and 1 futsal tournament were held in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The tournaments were attended by teams of veterans, students, KPI security service, police of Solomyansky district of Kyiv, and the Security Service of Ukraine. They managed to collect about UAH 30,000 of charitable contributions, which were transferred to the Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The maintenance and development of the Center's material and technical base is carried out by providing paid sports services to individuals and legal entities, for which in 2023, revenues amounted to UAH 7.9 million, which is 61.5% more than in the previous year.

During the year, a significant number of repair and restoration works were carried out at the CFES: renovation of the hall, cosmetic repairs of the futsal and volleyball halls. The pumping equipment of the large and small swimming pools was also replaced, which improved the water quality and significantly increased the energy efficiency of the building. The lighting on the large football field was also replaced.

In addition, a project for outdoor beach sports playgrounds has been developed and is scheduled to be completed in May this year. They will be the first beach soccer and volleyball fields on the right bank of Kyiv.

To ensure that the Center can host competitions in various sports at various levels and remain competitive among the network of modern sports facilities in Kyiv, it is necessary to significantly upgrade its material and technical base: renovate the building and utility networks, overhaul the pool and football fields. 

Labor protection

It is also worth noting the work done by the employees of the Labor Protection Department. 

During the reporting period, the university passed the inspection of the state of labor protection and industrial safety by the Central Interregional Department of the State Labor Service without any comments. The department systematically conducted internal inspections of the state of labor protection in the departments.

In 2023, an unscheduled certification of 7 workplaces was carried out to identify harmful production factors and establish compensation for employees for harmful working conditions. In particular, new workplaces were certified for employees of the trucking company who work on the newly acquired truck and garbage truck.

Information Protection Service

Given the peculiarities of the current situation, it is worth concluding this report with security issues, in particular the results of the work of the newly created Information Security Service (IS).

It was established in June last year. During its work, a number of administrative documents were developed that define the status of the service, the procedure for its activities and interaction with university departments.

A corresponding order appointed responsible persons to coordinate information protection activities at the university's departments. 

The primary task of the IPS was to create and develop an information security management system at the university. In the course of the service's work, a draft of such a system was developed and approved at a meeting of the Coordination Council for Information Protection.

In addition to the management system, a scheme for monitoring the university's vulnerabilities to information use was also developed and approved, which involves the interaction of the Information Protection Service with other departments.

Extensive work was done to categorize the university's automated systems. Based on its results, three classes of automated systems were identified. A comprehensive information protection system was introduced, covering automated systems of classes AS 1-3 and allowing safe use of the data of the above systems.

Expert opinions were obtained on the compliance of several university automated systems (EDMS Megapolis, Personnel-ZVO) with the requirements of information security.

Together with the system administrators of the automated systems, work was done to track 983 facts of spamming and attempts to find vulnerabilities in the university's information resources.

Priority work plans for 2024 were approved for all areas of activity of the above departments and their subdivisions.

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