To take into account potential risks, enter the international market and transform an idea into a successful business. The final of the Sikorsky Challenge Junior 2023 summer startup school took place at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where participants pitched their own projects.

A lot of polytechnics gathered for the presentation: direct participants of the school and those who came here for the first time. For example, Dmytro Zavyalych, a student of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, who was inspired by the ideas of his colleagues: "The best technicians study at KPI. And this startup school is a great chance for them to channel their technical potential into business and the development of our economy."

In just a month of brainstorming, KPI students demonstrated a wide range of startup ideas. They all share an important mission - the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Among them are health monitoring applications, a university guide, and even a device that converts molecular energy into electricity.

PBF student Ivan Petrushenko liked the startup Pocket KPI, a smartphone application that is supposed to simplify and expand the functionality for the educational community of the Polytechnic. "It's a kind of KPI 'Action' where you can remotely get a certificate or necessary documents. In addition, thanks to the app's features, you can create your own events and mark them on an interactive map," says Ivan.

At the end of the event, the authors of the best projects were awarded certificates.

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