☑️ Admission-2023

The admission campaign has started. It will be held from July 1 to August 17.
Registration for a single professional entrance test at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has begun.
The link is in the applicant's personal account. Registration will last until July 16. The minimum threshold score this year is 35.
The volume of the state order for the current year has increased compared to the previous year.
The volume of full-time bachelor's program is +155 places.
The volume for the master's program is +23 places.
The celebration of the KPI Freshman Day will be held on September 1.

☑️ Educational process

Preparation for the new academic year continues. The educational process will continue to be carried out in a mixed form: theoretical training - online, practical training - in person.
During this academic semester, 119 educational programs were successfully accredited.
A new educational and scientific program was approved - "Social Data Analytics" in the specialty "Sociology"
A commission was organized to optimize the structure and staff of the university to build the potential for the development of quality work of KPI. The changes affected most of the research departments and divisions of KPI.
More than 300 KPI employees were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks from the Ministry of Education and Science.
A case of academic dishonesty in Yaroslav Tkachenko's master's thesis was revealed. His master's degree was revoked.
28 Polytechnicians became candidates for academic scholarships from the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and the M.S. Hrushevsky National University.

☑️ Charitable activities

The Charitable Foundation for Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic" raised more than UAH 822 thousand for the purchase of ammunition and various devices for the military.
9 teachers from the Schools of MMI, FIOT, FMM, IAT, FBMI and IMIAO received gratitude for supporting the military involved in the defense of Ukraine.

☑️ Events for the anniversary of KPI

Preparations for the 125th anniversary of Kyiv Polytechnic continue. A generalized list of events has been formed, which includes about 300 items.
The publication of the popular science illustrated edition "KPI. The second century. Continuation of traditions".

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