On April 20, the Conference of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute staff was held at the Center for Culture and Arts. For the first time in almost four years, it was held in person.

Of course, the war left its mark on this event. Therefore, the conference began not with the usual opening remarks by the chairman of the trade union committee, but with information on how to behave and where to go in case of an air raid alert - this was told from the rostrum by the head of the university's civil defense staff, Yuriy Nesterenko. Only then did the chairman of the staff trade union Mykhailo Bezuglyi turn to business issues. He said that 625 delegates were elected to the conference. Of these, 482 represented research, teaching, and technical staff, 47 represented other categories of university employees, and 96 seats were reserved for students (but only 52 delegates attended). By the time the meeting started, 490 people had registered to participate, so the quorum was present, allowing the conference to begin.

First of all, the conference participants elected its working bodies - the presidium, editorial and counting commissions - and determined the rules of procedure. They also elected a chairman, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksii Zhuchenko.

The conference agenda included the following issues. The first was the reports of the rector, the chairman of the staff trade union and the chairman of the student trade union on the work and implementation of the Collective Agreement from September 2022 to April 2023. The second was "Miscellaneous", which actually included several important current issues of the university.

KPI Rector Mykhailo Zgurovsky began his report by honoring the memory of Kyiv Polytechnic students who died in the war against the russian aggressor. "Today, more than two hundred Kyiv Polytechnicians and thousands of graduates of previous years are among the defenders of the Fatherland," he reminded, "33 of them gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Ukraine during the war. I ask you to honor the memory of the fallen defenders of the Motherland with a minute of silence."

The rector's speech was devoted to the work of the university during this most difficult period of its history in almost eight decades and the efforts of the entire staff, thanks to which it was possible to maintain vital activity and safety during the 14 months of war in all areas of its work (the full text of the rector's report is presented on pages 2-4).

"Holding today's conference in person, in the hall of the Center for Culture and Arts, with almost all the delegates elected by the faculties, educational and research institutes and departments, returns the thirty-year tradition of completing the reporting campaign at the university," said Mykhailo Bezuhlyi, chairman of the trade union committee, at the beginning of his report. He spoke in detail about the work of the KPI trade union organization to ensure the university's activities in the most difficult times of the past year and to help its employees, including those who lost their homes because of the war or whose homes were seriously damaged. And, of course, about how the staff has helped and continues to help their colleagues and students who have come to the defense of the Motherland, as well as the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security forces. The amount of funds transferred to them is eloquent in this regard: in the first six months of the full-scale war alone, Kyiv Polytechnics accumulated more than UAH 5 million for this purpose, along with regular donations to various charitable foundations and organizations. And this is even before the establishment of the Kyiv Polytechnic Foundation for Assistance to the Armed Forces. However, readers can read the full text of the report by the chairman of the university trade union committee at https://profkom.kpi.ua/dopovid-golovy-profkomu-myhajla-bezuglogo/.

Igor Stepaniuk, chairman of the KPI student trade union, devoted a significant part of his report to the organization and direct assistance to KPI students who are now defending Ukraine with arms in their hands, as well as student volunteer activities. Among the results achieved is an impressive record for Ukraine in the production of trench candles, which are so much needed by soldiers on the front line. The record is not for the sake of a record, but to provide our defenders with such necessary sources of light and heat in the field. But, of course, the work of the student union was not limited to helping the frontline, as evidenced by some of its aspects, such as social protection of students, assistance in solving everyday problems, organization of cultural and sports events, etc., which were also discussed by Igor Stepaniuk.

Oleksandr Yatsun, the head of the Kyiv City Organization of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine, spoke at the conference. First of all, he presented KPI faculty and staff with diplomas from the Presidium of the City Trade Union Organization of Educators for their contribution to the development of the trade union and volunteer movement and assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He also handed over to the chairman of the student trade union committee a diploma awarded by the Presidium to KPI students for their heroism in defending Ukraine and volunteer work. Oleksandr Yatsun also thanked the staff and students of the university for all the good deeds they have done and are doing to defend the rights and interests of educators and bring the Victory closer. He added that since the beginning of the war, all Kyiv educators - from pre-school workers to higher education institutions - have donated 12 million hryvnias to the defense needs through the trade union alone. And this is only through the trade union, not to mention donations through various foundations…

Speaking from the floor, the Dean of the FBMI Oleksandr Galkin focused on the main aspects of the activities of the staff and the trade union organization, whose efficiency and effectiveness, thanks to meaningful interaction with the administration and student government, allowed the university to not only maintain its vital activity in wartime, but also to continue its further development, and not only to retain but also to improve its place in some university rankings. So he proposed to recognize the work of the university trade union and the rector as satisfactory.

After the representatives of the administration answered the students' questions, the delegates approved the reports of the Rector of the University Mykhailo Zgurovsky, the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee Mykhailo Bezuhlyi and the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of Students Ihor Stepaniuk, recognized the work of the Rector during the reporting period as satisfactory, and that the Collective Agreement of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, concluded for 2021-2024, was fulfilled in general for the period from September 2022 to April 2023.

Consideration of the second item on the agenda of the Conference of the labor collective "Miscellaneous" began with the approval of the composition of the commission for verification of the implementation of the Collective Agreement for the period until the next conference or, rather, the extension of the powers of the current members of the commission for this period. The delegates also voted to extend the terms of office of the labor disputes commission and the staff council on housing and social issues. In addition, the conference approved amendments to the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute's Charter, which were necessitated by the change of its address as a result of renaming Peremohy Avenue to Beresteysky Avenue.

Finally, the floor was given to Ihor Hryshko, Chairman of the Board of the Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for Support of the Armed Forces, Director of the Institute of MMI, who informed the meeting about the activities of this charitable organization; about the amounts spent on the purchase of goods, things, equipment and inventory necessary for our soldiers; about cooperation with other similar organizations, etc. Since October 2022, that is, since the Foundation's inception, more than UAH 1 million has been transferred to its account. Ihor Hryshko thanked everyone who helps and supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine with their money. "Each hryvnia transferred to the Foundation allows us to accumulate funds and purchase a gadget, device or device that our defenders need today," he emphasized and concluded his speech with these words: "Together we can do much more than we can do alone!" These words were the leitmotif of the entire conference.

Dmytro Stefanovych

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