VIII International Conference "Energy Management: State and Prospects of Development - PEMS'22"

The VIII International Conference "Energy Management: State and Prospects of Development - PEMS'22" was held on the basis of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy and Energy Saving of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in mid-November. It was timed to the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Energy Management specialty at our university. KPI became the first technical university in Ukraine to introduce such a specialty.

This year's conference "Energy Management: State of the Art and Development Prospects - PEMS'22" was held in extraordinary conditions. Of course, all of its sessions were held online, but it showed that scientists not only continue to work for the development, efficiency, reliability of the structure and functioning of the energy sector against the background of its global integration into the European energy system, but also, given the current situation, are making much more effort than ever before. Therefore, the reports delivered during the meetings actively addressed the topic of restoration, reconstruction, and prosperity of the energy industry, and a clear understanding of the need for global changes and a large amount of work for the sake of Victory, and even after Victory. After all, rolling, emergency, and stabilization blackouts have once again proved the indisputable fact that stable operation of the energy sector is a guarantee of independence and security, a necessity for meeting the minimum needs of people, and the prosperity of society and the country as a whole.
Representatives of the scientific community from 15 countries took part in the conference and shared their experience. Among them were scientists from Norway, Turkey, Poland, China and other countries.

Representatives of the leading scientific institutions of Ukraine - Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of the Department of the Institute of Technical Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B.I. Basok; Ph, Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy, Automation and Energy Saving of NUBiP of Ukraine V.V.Kaplun; Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Head of the Department of the Institute of General Energy of NAS of Ukraine O.V.Novoseltsev; Doctor of Technical Sciences Y.I.Tugay (Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine); Doctor of Law R.S. Kirin (Mamutov Institute of Economic and Legal Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and many others.

The participants worked in three sections: the first - "Innovative Methods and Technologies for Improving Energy Efficiency"; the second - "Energy Management"; the third - "Chemical and Motological Reliability and Energy Saving Technologies in Energy and Transport". Before the work in the sections began, a plenary session was held. It was opened by the Chairman of the Conference Program Committee, Professor S.P. Denysiuk, who warmly greeted the participants and set the mood and high scientific level of the event with his report "Global trends in the introduction of renewable energy sources and features of their implementation in the restoration of the Ukrainian economy".

As for the general statistics of reports submitted to the conference, this year 58 reports were submitted to the program committee. Of these, 43 were accepted after review, and 15 were rejected. Ukrainian and foreign experts were involved in reviewing the papers, which ensured an independent and adequate assessment of the submitted materials. Thus, the evaluation coefficient was 0.74. Statistics on reports: 21 reports were presented during the plenary session and round table, 23 reports during the first section, 22 reports during the second section, and 25 reports during the third section. Presentations were posted on the conference website, which made it possible to participate in the conference asynchronously. Based on the results of its work, a collection of abstracts is planned to be published. The submitted articles will be published in the category B journal "Energy: Economics, Technology, Ecology".
We were pleasantly surprised by the active participation of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The number of their reports significantly exceeded the number of reports presented by such participants at last year's conference, and the list of topics was impressive in its diversity. At the same time, the applicants were actively interested in the reports of their colleagues and asked many questions.

Галина Черкашина, голова організаційного комітету конференції, к.т.н., доц. кафедри електропостачання НН ІЕЕ