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The achievements of Ukrainian scientists have repeatedly outpaced the achievements of scientists from neighbouring countries and beyond. Unfortunately, national priorities are not always known to the world scientific community. The statement of an elderly russian-speaking journalist about the impossibility of using scientific terminology (in particular, from quantum physics) in Ukrainian was the reason for writing the article. "Kyiv Polytechnic" has already addressed the topic of scientific loan words in the article "And what language do you speak?" ("KP" № 33-34, 2021). And now we want to add information about the reference guide-encyclopedia in radio engineering, created by Kyiv Polytechnicians more than twenty years ago, which immediately became a bestseller, but is now better known for its russian translation.

One of the compilers of the publication is Yevhen Machusky, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Science and Technology Figure of Ukraine, Founder of the Department of Physics and Information Security Systems and the Department of Information Security of IPT, Scientific Director of Special Design Bureau "ШТОРМ", Member of the Academic Council of the Publishing House "The Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia". Yevhen Andriyovych is the author of about 200 scientific articles and patents, 5 monographs, has a STCU (USA) license for intellectual property - "International Seminar on Information Security". Moreover, in 1970-1973 he was a full-time correspondent of our newspaper. Among other things, his lecture "Demystification of Quantum Physics", which was applauded at international scientific conferences is popular online. This lecture is a comprehensive response to the accusations of home-grown experts.

The scientist recalls: "In 1999, the encyclopedic guide "Radio Engineering" was published. It contained about 2,500 entries explaining almost 4,000 of the most commonly used terms in radio engineering, including reviews on the main areas of its development and entries on specific issues, as well as entries - conceptual definitions. It was prepared by 22 lecturers of the Faculty of Radio Engineering of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute; Yuriy Lvovich Mazor, my professor, who later became a professor at my department, dean of the faculty Vladimir Ivanovich Pravda and I (Yevhen Machusky) were editors.

In 1999, the encyclopedia was published by the Higher School Publishing House in an edition of 2,000 copies and became a bibliographic rarity in just two years. (Thanks to the internet, the materials can be found at the following link.

"And in 2002, the Dodeca XXI Publishing House (moscow) made us an offer to republish it in russia in russian language, - professor says. - We made the translation ourselves, they paid us a small fee, about $ 700, and published it in 2002. After that, they republished the encyclopedia twice, in 2009 and in 2016. They published it in large circulations. "

Yes, dear readers, these were pirate editions. As Yevhen Andriyovych says with a bitter smile, in 2016 such an encyclopedia in russian, was purchased for UAH 2,000 and brought to him from Kharkiv. "They have always stolen and continue to steal at all levels," the scientist added.
The words in the title are an epigraph to the encyclopedic guide published in 1999. They have not lost their deep meaning now. So let us know our prophets and respect our own achievments.

Nadiya Libert

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