The admissions campaign starts in Ukraine. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is waiting for its entrants.

When choosing a higher education institution for further study, applicants and their parents definitely pay attention to its reputation. The reputation of the university is directly related to whether corruption scandals have brought dishonor upon its name. Therefore, gaining transparency and disclosure into any university activities is of paramount importance. Moreover, under martial law, the importance of the tasks performed by higher education institutions is growing, because it is the training of professionals for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The work coordinated by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention plays a significant part in combating possible manifestations of corruption at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The Agency is represented by Yana Tsymbalenko, the authorized person for the prevention and detection of corruption at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. At the request of KP, she explained how this work is organized at the university.

- How is the anti-corruption work carried out at the university and what are the main tasks facing the Commissioner for Prevention and Combating Corruption?

- Work on prevention and detection of corruption at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is based on the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption" and the instructions of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (hereinafter - NACP). This is, first of all, preventive work which consists of educational activities.

So, every year university officers take online training on anti-corruption. In particular, at the end of 2021, an online consultation seminar on preventing conflicts of interests in the activities of university officials was held.

In addition, the subjects of the declaration are advised on the procedure, taking into account its peculiarities under martial law.

At the request of students and employees, they are briefed on anti-corruption legislation.

The university has secure internal channels for reporting violations of anti-corruption legislation and an e-mail, where any teacher or student can send relevant information.

In addition, the university conducts an anonymous survey of students and staff on integrity and corruption prevention on an ongoing basis. Their answers make it possible to analyze the information and take the necessary measures in the future.

- What are the most recent violations of anti-corruption legislation you have encountered?

- The analysis of requests from students and staff shows that most often it is a request for advice on conflicts of interest and issues related to teaching ethics and integrity in writing creative and scientific works and more.

If we talk about detecting and considering issues related to corruption risk assessment at the university, we have a public commission for corruption risk assessment. It was created on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption". The commission works on a regular basis and considers the assessment of corruption risks in the activities of the university and provides the administration with proposals for overcoming them. Such proposals are processed by the heads of departments in the current order during the period recommended by the commission.

- Is it possible to get rid of corruption at all or, at least, prevent its manifestations at the university?

- In my opinion, this should be the goal of every participant in the educational process. You cannot say that corruption is just a malversation of officials. No, corruption is a phenomenon that exists within society or its individual members. Corruption is not only in deeds, corruption is in thoughts. Society creates rules for the comfortable coexistence of each of its members. Violation of such rules or abuse of power to govern society is the beginning of the "end". The existence of double standards, concealment of information and nepotism is a step towards the abyss.
And not just that. It is also indifference to violations of the rules established in the state and society, as well as a tolerant attitude to any manifestations of dishonesty.
As for eradicating corruption and overcoming dishonesty at the university, I can say that the main tool for this is the honest, persistent and professional work of each member of the university community. And it should be not only about the employees of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, but also about the students.

Not the least factor in preventing corruption is the trust and respect of all participants in the educational process for each other. Such relations should be based on the understanding that we all do a common cause - provide training for a new generation of engineers of various specialties, managers and other professionals who are already needed by our state.

This is very important, because bad relations lead to the production and spread of various fakes, falsifications, imitation of the fight against corruption and the development of a tolerant attitude or indifference to it on the part of employees and students.

Therefore, only the transparent activities of the university and its administration make it possible to attract the best of the best young people, motivated and determined, broadbrow and talented - all those who will build our future!

As former Israeli Prime Minister and a native of Kyiv, Golda Meir, once said: "If you want to build a country that her sons and daughters will return to, if you want to build a country that people will leave only during the holiday season, where there will be no fear for the future, then take just two steps:

1. Equate corruption to betrayal of the Motherland, and corrupt officials to traitors, up to the seventh generation.

2. Make the three professions top-paying and most prestigious. These are the military, doctors and teachers.

And most importantly - work, work and work. Because no one but you will protect you, no one will feed you except yourself, and your country is needed only by you and no one else.

When it becomes not just a word or a simple slogan, but a way of life, it will mean that you have achieved your goal. "

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