Ukraine is now at the forefront of the war. The war is raging not only on the ground, in the air and at sea, but also in the information space. And in the media - print, electronic and online - russia is at war not only with our country, but also with almost the entire civilized world. Some experts are even talking about the First World Information War, in which Ukraine has become an outpost for the defense of democracy. Under these circumstances, the responsibility of domestic journalists, editors, PR specialists, and communicators - all those who produce and disseminate information - to society is especially growing.

One of the ways to ensure a balance in the social and communication sphere at all times, and especially in times of war, is to adhere to professional and ethical standards. This is especially important when the media disseminate a large number of materials with sensitive content. Adherence to the standards of their preparation directly affects the mood that will prevail in society. Therefore, the new situation in the Ukrainian information field requires a theoretical understanding.

Therefore, the speeches of many participants of the jubilee X International Scientific and Practical Conference "Roman Ivanchenko Scientific School", which is held annually at the Department of Publishing and Editing of the Educational and Scientific Publishing and Printing Institute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, this year were devoted to the problems of media professionals in times of war.  Of course, on October 25, 2022, at the conference's breakout sessions, speakers from Ukraine and Poland also presented research in the field of modern mass communication, book publishing, editing various types of publications, advertising and PR communication. Still, the main event of the conference was probably the roundtable discussion "Challenges to the Media in Wartime: The Ukrainian Dimension," which was held for the first time.  The need for scholars and researchers to discuss the complex processes taking place in Ukrainian wartime journalism was an understandable reason for the discussion that unfolded. 

The roundtable discussion was joined by professors from the departments that train journalists and media professionals at regional universities, including Bohdan Khmelnytsky Cherkasy National University, Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University, and Lutsk National Technical University. The speakers also included representatives of civil society organizations working directly on creating new guidelines for practicing journalists: Oksana Romaniuk, Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information; Valeriy Ivanov, President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, Doctor of Philology, Professor; Yevhen Magda, Director of the Institute of World Policy, Political Scientist, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Speakers and participants emphasized that the Ukrainian media environment responded to media challenges with lightning speed: immediately after the appearance of materials that caused public outrage, experts formulated recommendations, developed ethical norms and regulations that could be relied upon when preparing ethically complex materials - about the deaths of people during the war, the treatment of prisoners of war, etc. It should be noted that many of the challenges faced by the Ukrainian media space have not yet been addressed in international practice. In fact, right before our eyes, new communication norms are being built in Ukrainian journalism, and solutions to the difficult ethical dilemmas of our time are being developed. 

The topics of the conference presentations, as well as the feedback from the roundtable participants, prompted the department to organize another important and relevant event. On November 15, Professor Valeriy Ivanov, President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, Head of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, gave an online lecture on "Media Literacy in Time of War." More than 90 participants listened to it. Based on his own experience, Valeriy Ivanov spoke about the work of media professionals in the frontline areas and the ethical aspects faced by both Ukrainian and foreign journalists. This event was another part of the joint scientific and practical work of the Department of Publishing and Editing with the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The lecture was also attended by colleagues from the Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University.

Thus, Ukrainian journalism has reached another stage of self-affirmation, and the practice of Ukrainian journalists is becoming the basis for updating not only Ukrainian but also global media standards.

Valeriia Kasyanchuk, lecturer at the Department of Publishing and Editing, the School of Journalism

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