The Department of Electrochemical Plants Technology (EPT) of the Faculty of Chemical Technology (FCT) is preparing specialists of a unique and high-demand specialty: “Electrochemical technologies of inorganic and organic materials”. Some well-known scientists worked at the Department, for instance, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Lev Ivanovich Antropov; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Petrovych Chviruk, and others. Graduates of the EPT Department are successfully working in domestic and foreign research institutions and modern high-tech enterprises.

Among the Department lecturers are scientists known worldwide: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Olga Linyucheva; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Yurii Herasymenko; Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), Professor Inna Pogrebova. The Department is also proud of young and successful researchers - its recent graduates. Among the famous Department graduates demonstrating the grace of knowledge and professional training are NAS Corresponding Member, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleh Zarubytskyi; NAS Active Member, Professor Oleksandr Horodyskyi; Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor V.I. Shapoval.

Диплом В.Якубенко

The Department is rightfully proud of its graduates-masters 2020. Most young graduates-researchers took an active part in science clubs. They also successfully researched the scientific topics of the EPT Department and worked on their Master's thesis. Among others, three research studies have been submitted to the All-Ukrainian Contest of Student Research Papers on Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Victoriia Yakubenko's study “Cortex behavior of brilliant nickel coatings in pairs of acetic acid” has received the second-degree diploma. She is a co-author of a scientific article published in one of the scientific journals of the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature Scopus. Other Department graduates also receive praiseful feedback, for example, Oleksandr Bilchenko’s study “Electro-extraction of copper from concentrated nitrate solutions with their further recovery”. Student Andrii Zabaluiev has received a diploma for the best oral presentation on the 5th ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry “Promising Materials and Processes in Applied Electrochemistry”. He presented the report “Simulation approach in the development of polyfunctional electrode materials”. Head of the science club Dmytro Ushchapovskyi is the grand prize winner of the University Competition - "Young Teacher-Researcher 2018 – 2020". Dmytro Ushchapovskyi is pleased with his younger colleagues' work.

Диплом А. Забалуєва

‘I should highlight,’ says Acting Head of the FCT, Professor at the EPT Department Olga Linyucheva, 'all graduates-masters 2020 make a decent future for our state. I should also note they are all successfully employed and working in directions: electrochemical methods of controlling medicines, electrochemical synthesis of organic matter, functional latest electronics materials. The best young researchers recommended for postgraduate studies in 2021’.