The students of IEE have abandoned their projects in Solomyanskyi DSA

The public defence of the best course papers in the energy audit buildings of Solomyanskyi district was held in 10th April 2019, which was made by the IEE students. The event had been held since 2016 due to the association agreement with the Housing and public utilities administration of Solomyanskyi district and the Institute IEE of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Implementing this agreement, students have a chance to conduct the energy audit on the real object: to do all the necessary investigations, work with the real datum and propose the energy-efficiency measures, which will be adopted on the object to achieve the cost savings, thanks for cutouts in the consumption of energy resources.

The energy audits were being held on 35 objects of Solomyanskyi district in this academical year, particularly thermograms. According to the students’ estimations, the sum of cutouts may be approximately 45 millon grn per year.

The authority of IEE sends sicerely greetings to the students of ON-52 and ON-51, who have recently taken part in the public defence of course papers: Olexander Phedin, Daria Tatarenko, Vadym Oliynyk, Mykola Lunin, Daria Zhuravlova, Kateryna Batiuta, Dmytro Melnyk, Olesya Boychuk, Vitalia Stepanenko, Volodymyr Volskyi. They have shown their high level of the preparation, material knowledge. They have proved the ability of setting challenges – they have presented our university with a big dignity.

The head managers of Apartment blocks joint owners association and Housing and public utilities administration set their greeting and thankfulness to the students and their hopefulness in future cooperation.

Energy audits were held on 97 object of Solomyanskyi district just in two cooperating years, and it was made several arrangements with the aim of lighting system upgrading and heating up the building faces.

В.І. Василенко, асист. каф. електропостачання ІЕЕ