President of Ukraine Scholarship awardee from the IHF

The President of Ukraine scholarship awardee, Master student of the IHF, Sergiy Bardashevskyi is convinced that if you do what you really like, the result and recognition will come by themselves. “Of course,” he notes, “the environment plays an important role. In my case, teachers and employees of the Department of Chemical, Pulp and Silicate Engineering, who interested me in scientific work, instilled interest in learning and self-improvement”.

Scientific supervisor of the master's degree is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Igor Olegovych. Mikulyonok. The theme of the master's thesis is related to the processing of polymeric materials by extrusion. The research conducted by Sergiy will allow reducing energy intensity and material consumption of the received products: sleeve and flat polymer films, polymer pipes, cable products, and also profiles of various cross-sections.

And Sergiy is the monitor of the group LP-31, all students of which received a scholarship on the 3rd year of study (before the approval of the new rules for the awarding of scholarships)! Also, all students in this group are the inventors: each of them is the author or co-author of at least one patent for a utility model.

During his studies at the KPI, S. Bardashevskyi published 6 abstracts at various conferences and received 6 patents. With his participation, a research facility was created to determine the physical and mechanical characteristics of granular materials, in particular the slip friction coefficient and the lateral pressure coefficient. “A series of experiments was conducted,” says I.O.Mikulunok, “according to the results of which at least one scientific article will be prepared”. As for the further fate after graduating from the university, Sergiy has not decided, but he has all the prerequisites for his future life in science. “His senior brother, Olexander, was also studying at the department, which, presumably, was an example in the field of invention and scientific research”.

“I am an ordinary student, I do not differ from others,” says Sergey. “Just like everyone else, I'm doing some sports, going to rest on Polyana. But to study well, I just do the laboratory, course and other tasks on time, because I do not like to postpone it later. It is worth saying that in the Igor Sikorsky KPI I received not only knowledge but also found many friends and beloved girl, who later became my wife”.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my scientific leader and all the teachers of the department for contributing to my becoming an engineer”.

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