Getting acquainted with Ukraine

During May holidays, the Center of International Education of Igor Sikorsky KPI organized a tour around Western Ukraine for foreign students and students of the preparatory department.

The journey began from the picturesque town of Kamyanets-Podilskyi. Foreign students visited the fortress, walked through the streets of the old city, and then rested in the central park. At the end of the day, teachers Irina Korablyova and Julia Suddia held the “Let's Get Acquainted” thematic evening, because the students were from different groups and countries: Iran, China, Ecuador, Turkey, Algeria, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ukraine. Although they are learning different languages, this was not an obstacle: everyone spoke in a language of friendship, helping each other to improve their language skills. At dinner, songs from different countries were heard, but united all the music of Ukraine.
The following day excursions to Khotyn and Chernivtsi took place. Khotyn charmed foreigners with its landscapes, and Chernivtsi – by the main building of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. There was a meeting with representatives of the university, who told about the history of the university that was rich in events.

The tour ended in a two-day stay in the city of Lion. Lviv met with wonderful weather and festive mood, because it was then that the City Day was celebrated. Students enjoyed the medieval atmosphere of the city, became acquainted with the culture of the region. There were interesting excursions to the pharmacy-museum, the coffee shop-bookshop “The Mine of Coffee”, on the Castle Hill.

Though returning to Kiev, foreign students were tired, but with positive emotions, bright impressions, new friends and hopes for the next trip to the south of Ukraine.

I.V. Korablyova, Yu. V. Suddia, teachers of CIE