Cooperation between Ukraine and the Federal Republic of Germany is constantly deepening, in particular, the number of cooperative projects in the educational and scientific fields is increasing. In the Igor Sikorsky KPI, on October 2, 2018, with the participation of Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Federal Republic of Germany Mrs. Andrea Shtor, the ceremony on the passing of training on the programming of Siemens controllers, which marked the end of the next project of cooperation was held for the 4th and 5th year students of the Joint Ukrainian-Germanic Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (SUNFM). Our university also received the industrial logic controller Siemens Simatic S7-1200 and sensor panel operator Siemens TouchPanel KT400. This project was organized jointly with representatives of the Embassy of Germany and employees of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), namely the lecturers of this service, Ms. Anja Lange, within the framework of the Ukrainian-German year of languages.

The ceremony of awarding certificates was attended by the dean of the SUNFM O. V. Levchenko and the director of the MMI prof. M.I. Bobyr, as well as the Deputy Director of the German company Festo in Ukraine, Mrs. Nadiya Bulaenko, who noted the importance of using modern technology and devices in the training process during the training of technical specialists. It was on the territory and the teaching equipment of this company that took place two weeks training in June and July 2018. SUNFM is a structural subdivision of MMI and holds a set of students from three faculties: MMI, IFF and ZF.
It should be noted that the certificates received by the students are internationally recognized and recognized not only in Ukraine but also throughout the world, which greatly improves the chances of future graduates of SUNFM to more highly paid employment.

The modern equipment provided to SUNFM will be used in the course “Mechatronics: for 3rd-year students, and the course will be taught in German. In general, for the organization and conduct of technical workshops and the purchase of modern automation tools for SUNFM, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany spent more than 150 thousand UAH.

O.V. Levchenko, the Dean of SUNFM