Public defence of theses by IESEM in the Solomyanska district state Administration

On October 28, 2016, the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and the Office of Housing and Communal Services of Solomyansky District in Kyiv as a part of the state administration signed an agreement on the joint implementation of energy efficient projects and the acquisition of practical skills by students for the development and implementation of energy saving measures at the Solomyansky district.

Thanks to this agreement students have the opportunity to carry out real course projects on energy audit of real objects: to carry out necessary measurements, to work with real data and to propose energy saving measures, which in future will be expedient to implement at the facility to achieve cost savings by reducing energy consumption.

In this academic year, IESEM students under the guidance of the IESEM assistant, V.I.Vasylenko, carried out an energy audit of 33 objects of Solomyansky district. Thermo-imaging was carried out at each facility, the efficiency of the use of energy systems by the object was investigated, energy saving measures were proposed. Energy audit reports will be submitted to representatives of these institutions. As a result, according to the calculations of students by 33 units, the total savings may amount to approximately 16 million USD per year.

On May 16, 2018, a public defense of the best course projects on energy audits of the Solomyansky district was held in Solomyanska district state administration.

The following students took part in public defense: V. Lyakh and D. Chubenko completed the energy audit of the specialized school №43, V.Golub and K.Melnykov - energy audit of a residential building at the address of the Patriarch Skrypnyk street, 40-a,. Ye. Pyatigorets and G. Fedorus carried out an energy survey of pre-school educational institution №712, M. Dobrovolsky, G. Hetmanchuk - school number 159. The object of the energy audit, which was conducted by A.Maksimenko and V.Bubnov, was the Meridian enterprise.

All our students who participated in public defense were presented our university with great dignity. They showed a high level of training and deep knowledge of the material, proved that they are able to solve their tasks in a comprehensive way. The heads of the institutions and heads of the condominium associations expressed their gratitude and wishes to continue further cooperation.

In total, over two years of cooperation, energy audits were carried out on 60 objects of the Solomyansky District. Thanks to the recommendations of students of Igor Sikorsky KPI in the budget of the district appeared the article of expenses for implementation of energy saving measures and introduced some measures proposed by our students, namely, measures for modernizing the lighting system, washing the pipelines and radiators of the heating system, insulation of the building facades and other.

V.I.Vasylenko, assistant at IESEM