“Life as a project” –workshop of Nataliya Dzyuba

The life of a modern man is full ofdiverse events. We are insanely lacking time for self-improvement and rest. Ourdreams and plans often remain unfulfilled. How to define your personal goalsand move step by step to them, gradually becoming self-sufficient and confidentpersonality?

Answers to this and other questionswere made on March 19 in the Scientific and Technical Library of the IgorSikorsky, KPI, where the workshop “Life Management, or Life as a Project” washeld by Nataliya Dzyuba, a business coach, certified (ECF) organizationalbusiness coach, HR consultant, facilitator.

Nataliya advised participants to lookat their lives not as a mere natural process, where there is little thatdepends on a person, but as a project that one can learn to manage. Life, likeany project, has the beginning and the end, the goals, the programs, which to alarge extent depend on the choice of each. And the sooner a person realizes it,the more successful her life will be.

Nataliya gave the participants aseries of practical techniques that help formulate personal goals, developstrategic and tactical planning for them, analyze and improve the planningskills of time and realize that it interferes with the purposeful pursuit ofthe goal.

Finally, the coach shared with theparticipants the so-called “life balance wheel”, an effective coachingtechnique that makes it possible to quickly understand:

  • from what life is formed;
  • what is really important right now;
  • changes in which spheres will leadto dramatic improvements in life;
  • what steps should be taken rightnow, in order to feel positive changes in our lives within the next few days.

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