A lecture by the founder of the famous IT company VYDA, motivational speaker and business coach Axel Hesse (Germany) on the topic "The future begins now! Practical tips how to succeed" was held on November 28 at Igor Sikorsky Technical University of Ukraine.

Students from different faculties of the University gathered at the Big Physical Classroom of the historic first building of the University. They were united by the curiosity of the successful business experience in the most dynamically developing sector.

Lecture by Axel Hesse was started with the question who among the students would like to create their own business and who has a dream. And, seeing his hands raised up, he showed the audience a rather shabby big notebook, which he had always taken with him for many years. Since the age of 15, he has been writing down his aspirations and desires there, and from time to time he compares his own actions and plans with these notes. According to him, such a simple thing helps to structure our aspirations and plans to be implemented. "It helped me, and it will help you!", - he said.

Actually, other recommendations from Axel Hesse were at first glance rather simple, but after sincere stories of miscalculations and mistakes that he had made because of ignoring these simple things, they began to appear less trivial. So he told about the traumatic experience of losing a successful company, which he lost due to trust: one of the investors committed a crime, falsifying bank papers and, eventually, registering the business for himself. So, he remarked, while starting a new business, you need to make sure that the people with whom you work have the same interests and aspirations as you do.

He has been running business in Ukraine for six years now, and the company "VYDA" is not the first project that he has created on the territory of our Motherland. Previous initiatives have not been a success due to underestimation of the founders of the need to research the real needs of users in the proposed information products, or they were done not at the right time. "If you believe that your idea can change the world, before its introduction conduct a study whether people need it" – with such words he finished one part of his speech.

He also talked about other things that must be taken into account when organizing your work. Among them, in particular, the need to use powerful opportunities of networking, that is, building professional relationships useful for business and life through social networks. Such a tool of communication appeared relatively recently, but today, according to Mr. Hesse, without the use of its capabilities, there is no reason even to dream about an efficient business, especially in the field of communications.

In general, the main idea of his speech was that the creation of any business should be based on business contacts and a team of like-minded people who can be trusted. From the point of view of Axel Hesse, the global currency now is not money, but attention and relationships with people. At the same time, there is no sense in waiting for help from the state - we must rely on our own strengths and opportunities.

The meeting was finished in a traditional way - Axel Hess answered the questions of the listeners. There were a lot of them. Answering one of them, a well-known businessman said that starting your own business, it is worth thinking not only about how it works in your country, but also about whether it will be interesting to the world. That is, you should expand your horizons and think of global categories.
When he was asked why he had chosen Kyiv and Ukraine for life and business, Axel Hesse replied he was sure that in a few years Kyiv would have every chance to become one of the world's leading technological hubs. “Ukrainian capital has all opportunities for this and it is only a matter of time and efforts of people,” he said.

Finally, he said that he plans to read another lecture for Kyiv polytechnic students. It will be held on December 14 and will be devoted to the technological issues of business creation and development.

Лекція-дискусія засновника ІТ-компанії VYDA Акселя Хессе

[28.11.2017 | 16:00] Lecture-Discussion by Axel Hesse – Founder & CEO of IT company VYDA "The future begins now! Practical tips on how to succeed"

Lecture-discussion by Founder & CEO of world-famous IT company VYDA, motivational speaker and business coach Axel Hesse (Germany) on the topic "The Future Begins Now! Practical Tips on how to succeed" will be held on November 28th (Tue) at 16:00 in the Large Physical Auditorium, Building №1 of Igor Sikorsky KPI. According to the lecturer, the target audience of this event is young people, who understand the relevance of innovative trends.

Within the framework of the lecture, the speaker will share practical experience of creating a successful company without significant investments, as well as answer the questions "How to be successful in the world of mobile technologies?", "What ideas will the modern market evaluate?" and many others. Students will learn how to create an idea of the project, how to find the right partners, attract investors and start business, how to sell the company and, most importantly, how to avoid mistakes. All information will be supported by the history of founding and development of IT company VYDA: theory of success, practice of combining resources and experience, implementation of an absolutely new idea.

The lecture will be continued by further discussion in a narrow circle of interested parties. Students will be able to discuss their own ideas and proposals for IT projects personally with the lecturer.

The visit of a lecturer to Ukraine will take place by the invitation of the University, as the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" supports the aspiration of students to develop an innovative world view.
All enthusiasts are invited to the event. FREE ENTRANCE.

More information on professional activity of the lecturer can be found on his website and pages at social networks:

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