Young artists, who are PPI (Publishing and Printing Institute) juniors studying graphics, presented their art works at the CCA exhibition, which was opened on May 17th. The curator of the exhibition, its inspirer and organizator, Mariia Kuzina, told that graphics, painting and computer graphics pieces translate the illusions and realities of today’s students.

Painting gallery director, V. Totkina, noted that CCA spaces featured for exhibition, which are usually given to the world-known artists, today is all for students. Future artists, looking for their own ways for growing and evolving, don’t need to be scared of publicity. They require a discussion in a friendly atmosphere and a right for a comparison to give a freedom to their art.

S.D.Bondarenko, PPI teacher, accentuated that artists "have to maintain their artistic spirit of mind" and don’t work "for the sake of work" only, because the things that are popular today, can be treated as boring tomorrow. Тhat’s why we need to create and demonstrate: "throw the pebbles of artistic diversity around” . We need to let the life flow through us, concentrate and share our aspirations with a beholder. Director of the Polytechnic Museum, N.Pysarevska, called what she saw a "light spring breeze, positive of freshness, kindness and youth".

Viewers with a great interest were getting familiar with the works presented. Painted graphic illustrations with Pippi Longstocking as a main character and others crafted by Veronika Chepel stood out from the rest. Her funny characters she drawns out in the work process, details and pictures are filling out with a sense, coming to life. It can take a long time to study each detail on the picture, but make you feel something really incredible. О.Zabelina prepared a graphic work inspired by "The Forest Song" of L.Ukrainky. It was called "Unborn" and was dedicated to the theme of motherhood. Mariia Vozhdaieva presented a digital painting. One of her works is a fantasy portrait that she made on order of her friend, who, herself, became a model. The necklace with V-like bone in the center draws attention as each bead fulfills a certain wish, when the bone needs to be cracked for luck and for happy marriage.

Doubtlessly, all visitors find something interesting for themselves at the exhibition. At the end of the event opening, PPI director T.Y. Kyrychok thanked the artists for their craft and wished them to be energetic and successful .

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