Considering the significant educational, scientific and technical activities National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and for the purpose of the further development formed in this university unique scientific, engineering and pedagogical schools and the involvement talented scientists d e c r e e:

1.Ensure that the main objectives of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (the university) as a self-governing (autonomous) state higher educational institution include:

  • training of highly qualified specialists for the economy, science and education;
  • implementation of measures to further reform of higher engineering education under the modern economical conditions and achievements in science and technology;
  • holding together with enterprises, institutions and organizations of basic and applied scientific research;
  • retraining and advanced training of scientific and engineering staff.

2. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

  • to predict during preparation of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2005 and following years costs of university funding separate line for individual standards of doubling the salaries of employees of the University, based on the need of development material and technical base and creating educational and research institutes and centers of the University;
  • approve the Charter of the University, providing in particular the University of providing opportunities to solve the issue in established order material encouragement and bonuses to set salaries of teaching staff;
  • to provide implementations of measures of creation on the University’s basis a technopolis in high technology;
  • facilitate the implementation of the Programme of educational and scientific and social development of the University, which would expand the educational and laboratory facilities, research, construction of housing and hostels of high comfort, improving the functioning of recreation centers;
  • bring its decisions in compliance with this Decree.

President of Ukraine L.KUCHMA

Kyiv, 30th August 2004.

N 1023/2004