The innovative Master training model at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Master’s preparation in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute as in most leading universities in the world is the main educational activity. The attractiveness of any university depends on the quality of such training. For the preparation of self-sufficient employees on labor market, skilled professionals, who able to solve scientific, technical and engineering challenges at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was introduced innovative model of training that combines research, design and business components. This model is constantly evolving and improving.

Training quality bases on the knowledge triangle: education - science - innovation. It depends on the quality of the student contingent, quality training programs, scientific and methodological support, quality personnel, the level of financial and logistical support etc. Innovative sphere includes development, research projects, studying in academic and research institutions, publications, knowledge of some foreign languages, mobility, the creation of start-up projects etc.

Master is a specialist in innovative economy, who is able to combine integrated research, design and business that focuses on creating highly efficient production structures promoting the growth and development of various spheres of social activity. So the master training can be organized within departments that have a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, modern laboratory and research material base and carry out research work on current scientific and applied problems. University order from 10 October, 2016, according to the decision of Procedural Board from 15 September, 2016, Heads graduating department of engineering specialties obliged to ensure the inclusion of the "task for his master's dissertation" in section "Development of startup project" made by students who are going to get their master's degree, starting from 2017 graduates.

Master training quality depends on three main factors:

  • The level of scientific potential graduating department;
  • The level of scientific potential supervisor;
  • A proper selection the most skilled students.

It is necessary to declare: master dissertation requirements, requirements for supervisors, curriculum requirements for training programs for master's degrees, graduate requirements, requirements for master dissertation topics.

Requirements for supervisors:

Supervisors of master training can be teachers and researchers of the departments and research institutes who have degrees (title);

Student supervisors should conduct fundamental and exploratory research on the subject of master's programs, have published scientific articles in leading national and international journals, works of national and international conferences and symposia;

Supervisors’ educational activity should be supported by the publication of textbooks (textbooks), prepared by a team of teachers engaged in the learning process of the respective programs and the teaching of basic and specialized courses relevant Master program.

Educational plans (Master Training Program) consists of two cycles: general training (at least 45%) and professional training (at least 55%). General training includes basic training subjects, subjects of basic training (optional), research (scientific) component (optional). Professional training includes subjects of practical and professional training and a series of professional and practical training (optional).

Master dissertations are divided into research (integrated program of preparation PhD), scientific and technical guidance (in the future with access to start-up project). These topics relates to real development. They can be: comprehensive including scientific work of the department, initiative. The basic elements of providing innovative structure Master training includes: scientific and Reality (complex, economic contracts or initiating scientific subjects); autonomy (academic integrity + design copyright); innovation (Section dissertation startup project selection and participation in the Sikorsky Challenge).

To implement these provisions there is expected introducing relevant amendments to the provisions of the Master concerning choice of features and consolidate master dissertation topics, such as master dissertation and the inclusion of compulsory master dissertation the "development startup project."

There is expected entering the ranking PNP additional components that take into account the training related to "start-up development project managers" and submitting relevant work on innovative projects Sikorsky Challenge.

Directors / deans and heads of departments should introduce selection of the best scheme for master dissertations and their presentation on Sikorsky Challenge innovative projects.

Institute of postgraduate training should introduce the "development leaders startup project " etc.

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