In December, 5, 2016 a regular meeting of Academic Board took place in the university.

It started with the congratulation of people celebrating jubilee: the chief deputy of department of economics and finance for planned and financing work O. I. Boliieva, head of department of reprography, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, O. M. Velychko and head of Department of Sports Improvement, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor, Yu. V. Novytskyi.

Then a Lapel Pin and certificate “Distinguished professor of NTUU “KPI” were given to Doctor of technical sciences, Professor V. I. Ivanenko who graduated from KPI in 1951 and started his work here since 1956.

After that all members of Academic Board started considering issues relating to competition – election of the head of department of postgraduate training program and PhD program, head of department and professor of the department. They have also considered the issue on assistance in Ukrainian State Prize award in the field of education 2017 to the writing team of academic set “Theoretical electrical engineering and metrology”, fellow worker of Igor Sikorsky KPI, Yevgen Tymofiyovych Volodarskyi being the member of this team. Besides, the issues of academic titles conferring were considered as well.

The main item on the agenda was to prove admission rules to Igor Sikorsky KPI for year 2017. The first pro-rector, Yu. I. Yakymenko reported. He spoke about state order: the maximum amount of state order of educational establishment according to particular specialty cannot exceed 110% of maximum (total) amount of state order 2016. He also told that applicants are allowed to make 9 applications for state and regional orders in closed and open competitive proposals in no more than four fields of studies/subjects/groups of subjects.

Besides, it was reported that higher educational establishments create consulting centers at Admission Committee to assist applicants in on-line applying. Yurii Ivanovych informed also about the results of introductory rector control of the quality of remaining school knowledge of first year students.

In the end current affairs were considered. The dean of FBMI, V. B. Maksymenko presented the concept of interuniversity cooperation and creation of Interuniversity research and academic center of biomedical engineering (IRACBE) with its purpose to create shared schools, development of studying and scientific and research work of students and postgraduates with exploitation of potential of engineering and exact sciences for solving fundamental scientific problems of biology and medicine and potential of medical and biological sciences and development of new technology and medical and engineering innovative technologies.

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