Conference of staff of "KPI": 07.04.2016

The conference of university staff which heard reports of the rector and heads of trade union committees for the period from April 2015 to April 2016 and approved a collective agreement for a new term was held  at the Center of Culture and Arts "KPI" on April 7, 2016.

Rector M. Z. Zgurovsky described the main activities of the university in 2015 in the annual report. Despite the increase in university funding in absolute terms, due to the increase in tariffs for heating, water, energy, university had to reduce estimates of units. But in 2015 the university was able to keep the vast majority of scientific schools, not to lose staff and operated stably. Rector also noted improvements in the system of public food, work of university resorts, setting up of surveillance systems. He noted the role of university in the role of the university unions in solving complex social problems. The chairman of the trade union of staff workers V.I.Molchanov thanked the university staff for their support of trade union initiatives, including protection of the rights and interests of educators at numerous protests that were held in 2015. In his report he cited quantitative indicators of trade union organization of employees, which allowed to provide union members with financial assistance, compensation for rehabilitation at university resorts, children's Christmas gifts and invitations to cultural events, full compensation of visiting of swimming pool and more. V.I.Molchanov also proposed  series of measures that have  to  solve the housing problems of young workers of university who are nonresidents of Kyiv.

The chairman of the trade union of students A. U. Havrushkevych reported on measures to preserve social and student scholarship that the student union has made during the reporting period at the national level. The delegates voted unanimously for the resolution approving the report of the rector and chairman of the trade union, and  satisfactory assessment of the Rector’s work  for the period.

The draft of collective agreement for the next period was presented by the deputy head of trade union M.O.Bezuhlyy. Since the commission handled all the proposals of units about the text of the treaty and the annexes, and additional proposals from delegates were not presented, the project was taken as a basis and unanimously supported.

Finally, the conference delegates supported the new version of the Internal Regulations in NTUU "KPI", amendments to the Statute of the University and approved the personal staff of the commission on labor disputes commission on housing and domestic issues and the commission on ethics and academic integrity.

For inf. trade union of staff of NTUU "KPI"
On the photo: from left to right A.U.Havrushkevych - the chairman of trade union of students,
the chairman of Student Council D. V. Afanasiev, first vice-rector U.I.Yakymenko, Rector M. Z. Zgurovsky, the chairman of the trade union of employees V.I .Molchanov