At a meeting of trade union staff: 23.10.2014

The regular meeting of the trade union committee of employees NTUU"KPI" was held October 23, 2014. The discussed issues were: the specifics of the moment; on the outcome of recreational season; on the progress of election trade union campaign in laboratories; on the distribution of funds collected by the Trade Union Bureau to assist the staff of NTUU"KPI", which were drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and others.

Deputy Chairman of the trade union M.O.Bezuhlyy informed on the results of the different levels activities that prevented the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers a draft of discriminatory law "On improvement of rules of law in order to ensure the financial and economic situation in Ukraine."

It was also informed about the organization on the educational process in the winter: students vacations are scheduled from 05 January to 1 February 2015; second semester will start from 02.02.2015, and in February classes will be held on schedule distance learning. Starting from March 2, 2015 it is planned to return to the classroom schedule. SEC meeting will take place according to the educational process during January - February 2015. For scientific and pedagogical workers in November - December there will be organized training courses to obtain the necessary skills for the work with CAMPUS system. During December 2014 - January 2015 all scholars, educators are required to fill an electronic CAMPUS with the informational resources on the educational disciplines according the curriculum 2014/2015. Other categories of employees will operate normally, but depending on conditions they can be set flexible working schedule while ensuring absolute duty.

Deputy chairman of trade union O.I.Sheyko informed about the results of the recreational season. The deputy chairman of the trade union committee of employees V.O.Korsakov told about a trade union election campaign in laboratories.

O.I.Sheyko told also about the decision adopted at the enlarged meeting of the presidium of the trade union with the heads of trade union bureau departments, which employees are drafted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of the distribution of funds collected by the trade union for the workers or members of their families: the family of the deceased in the area ATO Junior Researcher Institute of Applied Electronics FE A.V.. Yeremenko - 15 thousand UAH; A.V. Kondratyuk - school master of the Department of Bioengineering and Engineering FBB - 10 thousand UAH; D.V.Bahinskiy - Engineer 2 Cat. SRI information processes FICT - 10 thousand UAH; L.V.Kramarenko – chief Engineer Department of Environmental Engineering IESEM - 4 thousand UAH; M.Yu.Minin - Assistant Professor of instruments and control systems aircraft FASS - 7 thousand UAH; S.V.Lyubytsky – Senior Teacher of the department of thermal power automation processes FHPE - 10 thousand UAH; Ye.V.Kolunayev - engineer environmental engineering IESEM - 7 thousand UAH; V.M.Sokurenko - Associate Professor of optical and optoelectronic devices FIDE - 7 thousand UAH; S.I.Savchenko – car washer ATE - 7 thousand UAH; P.V.Shvydkoy - Plumber VHM VEC - 3 thousand. UAH.

It was also considered the appeal of the Central Committee PTUO Ukraine to implement a one-time charitable donation to the recovery room staff unions. Supporting in general, the need to restore the material and technical basis of sectoral trade unions, trade union NTUU"KPI" asks CC to provide the rationale for their proposed contribution to the said amount and initiate a broad discussion of ways to restore the premises of the governing bodies of Ukrainian Trade Union at the next plenary session.

On the occasion of the Day of Education and Science trade union activists of NTUU"KPI" were awarded diplomas Central Union of Education and Science of Ukraine and Kyiv City Organization PTUO Ukraine (read more - Online trade union .

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