Cleaner Production for Ukraine

In January this year, based on and supported by KPI the Centre of resource efficiency and cleaner production was launched. It was founded for the purpose of realization of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's (UNIDO) project in Ukraine "Promoting the adaptation and implementation resource efficiency and cleaner production through the establishment and operation of the Center for Cleaner Production in Ukraine". The work of the Centre is aimed at carrying out tasks related to improving the competitiveness of domestic industry, which is achieved by developing measures to ensure the resource and energy efficiency. The project is implemented by the method developed by UNIDO and which worked in more than 50 countries. It is based on the systematic study and research enterprise as a whole, its individual technological areas, equipment and other industrial components. Based on the collected data using engineering analysis loss of resources that affect the efficiency of the process were identified. The final phase of the company is to promote the implementation of technical measures that are implemented with the participation of scientists "KPI".

Why representatives of the universities are the main participants of the projects? The answer is obvious: with engineering training and experience in research, they are able to solve complex technical, scientific, technical economic and other problems of enterprises. What is the useful effect of this work for "KPI" specialists and the university as a whole? The answer is that relations with companies are improving, industrial and business relationships with manufacturers are establishing and effective functioning of "knowledge triangle" (education - science - production) is providing. For enterprises, this is way to reduce the cost of procurement of resources and reduce the burden on the environment. For "KPI" it is a unique possibility to combine theoretical works with their practical application in the Ukrainian factories.

The proposed technical solutions in addition to increasing production efficiency, also provide significant environmental effect, which in turn creates favorable conditions to promote environmental investments. Promotion of investment into enterprises will be one of the priority areas of the Center. In 2013, UNIDO signed an agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC) on cooperation in the implementation of projects of resource efficiency and cleaner production in Ukraine. As part of the agreement within two advisory programs, which are devoted to stimulate investment in resource efficiency projects, IFC collaborates with the Centre of resource efficiency and cleaner production and provides advisory support to it. The aim of this cooperation is to stimulate investment in cleaner production projects, the application of modern technology and promoting the economic and environmental performance of Ukrainian enterprises.

In 2012-2013 15 pilot enterprises in Kyiv, Kiev and Vinnitsa regions were the project participants. Trainees preparing is conducted by national consultants of cleaner production, international experts from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and experts from UNIDO. 27 trainees, including members of "KPI", students and teachers have mastered the technique of resource efficiency and cleaner production, successfully trained, performed technical projects in enterprises and passed the examination.

In reporting conferences in Vinnitsa (3 July 2013) and the city of Kiev, "KPI" (11 July 2013) the results of apprentices in enterprises, exchange of experience and ceremonial presentation of certificates of UNIDO resource efficiency and net production that will enable future interns to participate in other projects of this international organization will be presented. To the conference representatives of enterprises, state administrations, departments, universities and non-governmental organizations are invited.

It should be mentioned that the current center is only the beginning of a large and hard work with enterprises and stakeholders.

In July 2013 the Center of resource efficiency and cleaner production starts a new recruitment of specialists with higher technical education for further study in subject of resource efficiency and cleaner production with subsequent certification UNIDO. For more information about the Center and conditions of participation can be found on the phone. (044) 406-80-62, e-mail: and on the website:

Information was provided by the Center of resource efficiency and cleaner production