Appendix 1 to Order No. 1-205 | 27.07.2015 | On the statement of order of the registration of the student’s individual curriculum participating in the academic mobility program

1. General statments

1.1. Individual curriculum of a student who participates in the programs of academic mobility (hereinafter - IC) is a document establishing the order of learning credit units and making the control actions on the results and training of the students in NTUU "KPI" and the program of academic mobility.

1.2. IC is given to a student, typically, for a semester or academic year, depending on the starting time and duration of the academic mobility programm, as well as objective possibilities of the student to pass control credit modules, the study of which provided by working curriculum of NTUU "KPI" during the period of the academic mobility programm.

1.3. All of the credit modules included in the IC are mandatory study. The student is personally responsible for the implementation of the curriculum.

1.4. Training on individual curriculum does not relief the student from completing the educational program on the specialty in NTUU "KPI". The failure of IC is the basis for expelling a student from NTUU "KPI".

2. The order of execution of individual curriculum

2.1. IC is issued in the form prescribed in Appendix 3 of this Order.

2.2. IC of the student is on the basis of the curriculum and includes the all credit modules, the study of which is provided for the period of the student's participation in the academic mobility programme.

2.3. The IC is compiled by the curator of the academic mobility from the issuing Department based on of the student and approved by the Dean of faculty / Director of the Institute.

2.4. For the implementation of the academic mobility programmes the relevant heads of departments appoint the curator for each student-participant of the academic mobility programme.

2.5. The curator of the academic mobility programme is a scientific and pedagogical employee of the Department, who is appointed by order of the Dean of faculty / Director of Institute.

2.6. The curator of academic mobility shall carry out the following main tasks:

- Compiling the individual curriculum of the student;

- Coordination of student’s curriculum and presenting it for approval to the Director of Institute / Dean of the faculty;

- Monitoring the implementation of student individual curriculum based on enrolled credit modules to the student with a subsequent proposal to continue the student's training or his dropping out from the University;

- Assistance in re-admission of the academic mobility results obtained by the student in connection with participation in this programme.

2.7. A student who studied for an individual educational plan may be admitted to further training only in the case of successful and timely implementation of the curriculum.

2.8. Student’s curriculum is issued usually for a period of one semester or one academic year. Only under condition of successful passing the current session, the student may be admitted to further learning for the next semester.

2.9. Providing students with the individual curriculum, who focused on training or internship within the academic mobility programmes for up to 30 days, decided by the head of the Department.

2.10. The basis for the preparation and introduction of draft order on providing the student with the IC are the following documents:

• statement which is addressed to the Dean of faculty / Director of the Institute on the providing with the individual educational plan, with the visa-agreement of head of the Department (Appendix 2);
• order on NTUU "KPI" on the sending a student for training or intership under the academic mobility programmme;
• individual curriculum, approved by the Director of Institute / Dean of the faculty (two copies);
• the submission of the head of Department on the appointment of a curator of academic mobility.

2.11. Documents for receiving the IC is submitted the Dean of faculty / Director of Institute not later than five working days before the start of training on academic mobility programme.

2.12. On the basis of submitted documents the Department / Institute prepares the corresponding decree of the student composition on granting an individual curriculum to a student with regard of participation in the academic mobility programme (Appendix 4).

2.13. IC is made in two copies: one is kept at the Department's, and the other is kept by the student.

2.14. IC is register by the staff at the relevant faculties / institutes in a separate section of the registration log with indicating the number of IC, student name, academic group code and the date of approval of the IC.

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