The monument to Vladimir Chelomey

The monument to Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey was installed behind the main building in the alley of KPI outstanding scientists.

On the pedestal inscribed (in ukrainian):

Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey
"I know my way into space"
To outstanding designer of rocket and space technology, student of the Kiev Polytechnic in 1932-1933 by teachers and students of KPI
* Open. 13.10.2011; bronze, granite; sculpture by N. A. Oliynyk

Chelomey Vladimir Nikolaevich (1914-1984). A student of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1932-1933. In KPI he defended his candidate work. The eminent scientist in the field of mechanics and process control, rocketry designer, academician (1962), member of the International Academy of Astronautics (1974), winner of the Lenin (1959) and State (1967, 1974, 1982) awards, twice Hero of Socialist Labor ( 1959, 1963), was awarded four orders of Lenin, was awarded gold medal of M. E. Zhukovsky "For the best work on the theory of aircraft" (1964), gold medal of O. M. Lyapunova USSR "For outstanding work in mathematics and mechanics" (1977).

Since 1941 V. M. Chelomey was working at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow. Under his leadership in the years 1944-1954 several types of cruise missiles with pulsating air jet engine were created. Since 1944 he is the chief construktor, and from 1959 - chief designer of aircraft. Under the leadership of V. M. Chelomey launch vehicles "Proton" satellites "Flight" and "Kosmos-1267" orbital station "Salyut" were developed.