dean : professor Ivan Andrіiovych Dychka
address:build. 14 (Department of Applied Mathematics), Polytechnichna str. 14-a, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056; build.15 (SKS Department)
Telephone number for information: 204-81-15, 204-91-13
Faculty’s day: November 20

Departments of Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Logo of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics


The Faculty of Applied Mathematics was established in 1990 by separating from the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Techniques.

The position of Dean was assigned to prof. I.M. Kovalenko, member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR.

In 1990 FAM had 3 Departments:

  • Applied Mathematics Department,
  • Mathematical Methods of System Analysis Department,
  • Special-Purpose Computing Facilities Department

FAM provided basic and advanced training in Applied Mathematics

  • Mathematical support for automation systems,
  • System analysis,
  • Information technology,
  • Information processes in decision support systems,
  • Mathematical simulation and control processes,
    • and in Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks
      • Special-purpose microprocessing facilities;
        • At different times FAM was being supported by prominent scientists, members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine M.Zgurovsky, I.Kovalenko, K.Samofalov, Y.Daletskii, professors of NTUU "KPI" Y.Vavilov, O.Molchanov, O.Pavlov, V.Tarasenko

          During its existence FAM has undergone several changes:

          • In 1992 the name of Special-Purpose Computing Facilities Department was changed to the Special-Purpose Computer Systems Department;
          • In 1998 Institute of Applied System Analysis was established on the basis of the Mathematical Methods of System Analysis Department;
          • In 2009 the Computer Systems Software Department was established;
          • In 2012 the name of Special-Purpose Computer Systems Department was changed to the System Programming and Special-Purpose Computer Systems Department.

          Today FAM consists of three departments:

          • Applied Mathematics Department (headed by Prof. Oleg Chertov, D.Sc.),
          • Special-Purpose Computer Systems Department (headed by Prof. Volodymyr Tarasenko, D.Sc.),
          • Computer Systems Software Department (headed by Prof. Ivan Dyhcka, D.Sc.).

          Deans of FAM:

          • 1990-1994 Prof. Igor KOVALENKO, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
          • 1994-2005 Prof. Oleksandr MOLCHANOV, Doctor of Technical Sciences
          • 2005-now Prof. Ivan DYCHKA, Doctor of Technical Sciences