Faculty of Applied Mathematics

dean : professor Ivan Andrіiovych Dychka
address:build. 14 (Department of Applied Mathematics), Polytechnichna str. 14-a, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056; build.15 (SKS Department)
Telephone number for information: 204-81-15, 204-91-13
Faculty’s day:November 20
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Departments of Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Logo of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics The faculty was founded in 1990 with the purpose of training for those areas of society recognized by the world community as decisive for the early postindustrial XXI century. One of these areas is the mathematization of science, technology, production, public relations which consist in their formalization, structuring and the broadest application of mathematical methods for the physical, technical, informational, administrative and other problems solving. Another important area of life-sustaining activity is the computerization of public life the main workbench of which is computer and software engineering. In the faculty’s training of experts of these important areas, the newest advances in basic and applied sciences are used.

The faculty trains specialists in the field of information technology, design of operating systems, development of system and applied mathematical provision, automation systems design, scientific researches, expert systems, development and application of computer systems and networks of general purpose, specialized computer systems and networks with optimized parameters, means of information protection in computer systems, local and distributed computing systems.

Faculty graduates work in institutions of NAS of Ukraine, in research and development institutions, organizations and enterprises involved in development and implementation of mathematical methods, computer systems and other software and technical means of automation of informational, manufacturing and design-and-research processes; providing of information technology, information security, etc.