Faculty of Linguistics

Faculty of Linguistics of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Contact Information:
FL address: 03056, Kyiv, 37 Beresteiskyi Avenue, building 7 , aud. 618, 622, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phones for inquiries: 204-94-18 (reception dean), 204-92-69 (extramural studies), 204-83 -57 (Dean's Office)
E-mail: fl[at]kpi.ua
Dean of FL: Zoya Mykhailivna Korneva
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Departments of the Faculty of Linguistics

Graduation departments:

Departments of general university training:

FL Logo Faculty of Linguistics was founded in 1995 to train highly qualified translators with broad background and to improve the quality of knowledge of foreign languages of students of technical and humanityy departments of the University. The faculty consists of seven departments.

Graduation Departments: Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English, Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of French, Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of German.

Department of the English Language of Technical Orientation № 1, Department of the English Language of Technical Orientation № 2, Department of the English Language of Humanities Orientation № 3, Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture provide the education for students of the university (English) and linguists in particular (linguistic, literary and cultural disciplines).

During the educational process students acquire knowledge of basic and professional disciplines and skills of free communication and translation from and into two compulsory foreign languages. Much of attention is paid to the computer training that is adapted to the requirements of future professional activity. Faculty prepares highly qualified translators to translate from and into English, German or French. Students can get a second specialty simultaneously – teacher of foreign languages at the institutions of higher education.

Graduates work as interpreters, secretary-interpreters in managerial organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises and firms, information and advertising agencies, as well as the editors of social and political, scientific and technical literature, foreign language teachers.

Second Higher Education

Specialization: Bachelor of Linguistics

Mode of study: evening tuition

Terms of study: 2 years